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welcome to woodland
since 1978

At Woodland, we are passionate about early childhood education.

With over 40 years of international Pre-School excellence and experience, our early years teaching will give your child the best start in his or her developmental journey.

We offer classes for children from six months through to six years, following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum and Montessori learning approaches.  Both teaching approaches are fully accredited with language options in English, Mandarin and Bilingual.


Fulfilling Every Child’s Potential

Our mission is simple; we aim to fulfil every child’s unique potential and we do this by following the simple ideal of nothing without joy.


Respecting our image of the child and our belief that each child deserves the best for them to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and developmentally, to become great global citizens. 

By respecting the image of the child, we believe:

  • All children are competent.
  • All children have capabilities. 
  • Children co-construct their own learning.
  • Children are communicators.
  • Children are full active participants in our society.


Gazel Razavi

General Manager

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Rae Lang

Director of Teaching and Learning

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An Inspiring World Of Education

Woodland Pre Schools is proud to be part of the global Cognita family of schools.  Cognita is an extraordinary group of diverse yet connected schools joining forces in an inspiring world of education with one common purpose: building self-belief and empowering individuals to succeed.

With some 80 schools in Europe, Latin America and Asia, we employ 7,500 teaching and support staff in the care and education of more than 55,000 students. Together, our schools ensure that each student receives a rounded Cognita Education:

We deliver academic excellence


We develop character


We nurture a global perspective


Woodland Pre-Schools is one of 12 Cognita schools in Asia, alongside, Stamford American School Hong Kong, Stamford American International School (Singapore), Australian International School (Singapore), International School Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and St. Andrews International School (Sathorn, Thailand).  To find out more, please visit the Cognita website and connect with us on social media: 

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