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The Woodland Journey

As a child’s brain develops fastest in the first five years of life, it is our responsibility, as educators, to take advantage of this crucial period by providing a language-rich and stimulating learning environment.

The Woodland Journey starts with accompanied classes from 6 months of age, where you and your child can join our passionate educators to learn and grow together in a tailor-made environment. At the age of 2, children can move to the first of our unaccompanied classes, which encourage independence, social awareness, sensory exploration, and the development of physical and language skills.

Your learning journey begins with us


the World



A Foundation
of Learning

Getting Ready
for the World


Our curriculum will stimulate, inspire and challenge your child in a safe and engaging environment. At all our schools, your child will follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This world-renowned system is taught in English, Mandarin or in bilingual classes.

All our schools are full accredited by early years alliance in the UK to ensure that we develop and maintain standards in line with our global counterparts.

Through observation, our teachers become aware of each child’s individual needs and latent potential. Lessons are planned with care and consideration to cover our curriculum. Field trips, cultural celebrations and charity events enhance world knowledge and capture young imaginations. We invest in class materials and resources to inspire inquiring minds, build skills and prepare children for a future of learning.

The EYFS curriculum enables each Woodland child to move on to primary education equipped with the tools and skills that they need to succeed; a love of learning, independence, self-confidence and an inquiring mind.


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum

In an EYFS classroom, a teacher leads children of similar ages in a series of activities with conversation, active engagement and intentional teaching to make learning fun and relevant. They employ integrated teaching and learning, which comprise child and adult-led learning with guided play in different contexts and environments. Through play and other opportunities, we encourage children to make sense of their world.

Please click here to read more about EYFS curriculum in Hong Kong.

Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori method of teaching is offered at two of our schools: the Woodland Montessori Academy on Caine Road and Woodland Montessori Pre-School at Repulse Bay.

At a Montessori pre-school, classes are vertically streamed, with children aged between 2 years 8 months, and 6 years. Children learn from each other and are given support for independent self-directed activity— Montessori classrooms provide a range of materials that are organized and made available for free and independent use, while teachers maintain the class structure and direct every child towards their best learning opportunities.

Please click here to read more about our Montessori course approaches.


As language is easier to pick up at an earlier age, parents are constantly looking for ways to help their children easily master Mandarin/Putonghua. To cater for different developmental needs, Woodland Pre-Schools offer three levels of intensity, in both EYFS and Montessori teaching methods.

Not only is the Montessori Programme excellent in its discovery approach, I continue to marvel at how the teachers differentiate the learning for each and every student in the class every day. Every Friday parents are furnished with an online account of the progress of individual child. The photographs show a richness and breadth of experiences. There is a clearly mapped out curriculum each month, so we as parents can feed into the topics/areas of learning at home. I also love how the school marks many cultural events celebrated around the world, making it a global learning environment. I can’t ask more from a school. I am truly happy my child has made her start here.

Trina O’Hara

I take this opportunity to thank you and the entire team at Woodland Kennedy Town for the great learning & support provided to my son. We sincerely appreciate the fantastic teachers, staff & curriculum at Woodland. Aarav is going to miss his lovely school.

Sushmita Chandrawat

Hugo has had a very wonderful and enriching experience at Woodland Montessori Academy, for which we are enormously grateful. In particular, we have really appreciated the very high standard of teaching, dedication and passion shown by all his teachers during his time with you - so a very big thank you!

Dr. Douglas West
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