At Woodland Pre-Schools, wellbeing is at the heart of our purpose. Our definition of wellbeing, ‘I am comfortable, healthy and happy,’ supports our foundation of building self-belief and empowering individuals to succeed. This is achieved through developing a strong sense of wellbeing in children.

Wellbeing is not a thing we do, but a culture we live. The Cognita Be Well Charter and our bespoke Protective Behaviours Programme teach children to recognise their emotions, feelings and states of being. Developing and practising strategies and actions that encourage the regulation of emotions allow children to begin learning about themselves. Our wellbeing journey begins with self- regulation, continues with knowing oneself, serving others and developing leadership skills.

The Cognita Be Well Charter identifies 6 contributors that influence our physical and mental wellbeing. These interlinking and overlapping contributors are the foundational elements of our personal wellbeing.

Adequate and restful sleep

Recharges both body and brain; improves the capacity to learn and retain information; and improves social and emotional interaction.

Healthy and balanced diet

Gives our organs and tissues adequate nutrition to work effectively and reduces risk of disease and ill-health.

Moderate to vigorous & regular physical activity

Decreases the risk of developing certain diseases and conditions.

Connecting with self and others

Develops moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations and gives a sense of belonging, identity and security.

Being engaged in a fulfilling activity

Proves a sense of engagement, meaning and purpose.

Giving to help a cause or others

Creates more compassionate and grateful communities and generates positive emotions for the giver as well as the receiver.

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