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two children painting
December 14, 2022

Common Development Milestones in Children

Early childhood is a time of rapid growth across all developmental domains. It lays the foundation for cognitive and social-emotional behaviour in later life. Giving sufficient nurturing is central to fostering a child’s holistic development, and it is beneficial for parents to keep track of different developmental milestones to ensure that the children can have […] Read more
young child looking at his ipad screen
December 14, 2022

Healthy Screen Time For Children & Toddlers

While screen time can benefit learning and development, excessive use of electronic gadgets can be detrimental to your child’s well-being. In 2022, CNN Health recorded an average daily screen use of over 4 hours among toddlers. As parents, it’s a fine line to balance between restricting your child’s screen time and introducing various e-learning apps […] Read more