Nurture Your Child’s Potential

2 YEARS TO 6 YEARS | Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At the age of 2, children can move to the first of our unaccompanied classes. Building upon the previous stages, these classes encourage independence, social awareness, sensory exploration, and the development of physical and language skills through play. Academic skills are developed through a rich play-based curriculum, as our children advance to our Pre-school classes.


2 Years To 3 Years | Unaccompanied Class
Fostering Independence

Stepping Stones is your child's first time being unaccompanied by a familiar adult.  The play-based approach, social relationships and learning environment enables your child to build their independence, self-esteem and resilience.

A strong emphasis on physical development helps future academic learning: from strengthening finger muscles for pencil grip, practicing eye tracking in preparation for reading and writing, to strengthening core muscles which helps concentration and focus.  These skills are presented in a fun, engaging and playful way.

Available at Mid-Levels, Repulse Bay, Repulse Bay Montessori, Kennedy Town, Pokfulam , Aberdeen, Happy Valley, Sai Kung


2 Years 8 Months to 6 Years | Unaccompanied Class
Inquiring Minds

As your child enters Pre-School, they have growing independence and agency, and acquired language to ask questions, follow their curiosities, and explain their understandings to others. This inquiring mind is used to start more formal academics of literacy and numeracy.

Your child’s muscle memory has developed and become automated, allowing for greater concentration and focus as they learn letters and sounds, begin to understand the concepts of number and explore the use of language in stories and writing, all while strengthening their social relationships.

Available at Mid-Levels, Repulse Bay, Repulse Bay Montessori, Kennedy Town, Pokfulam, Aberdeen, Happy Valley, Sai Kung

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