Pre-schools Learning Education

Pre-school sessions are active and varied, yet structured and reassuringly routined. Following the British EYFS Curriculum learning focuses on themes, cultural celebrations and collaborative work.


A foundation for learning

We develop further the building blocks of learning your child has mastered during our Babies and Toddlers classes through more structured and longer sessions at school. We aim to create a home away from home in which your child can reach full potential. 

Sessions are active and varied, yet structured and reassuringly routine. Circle time, playtime and snack time are interspersed with project-based learning activities, cultural celebrations and collaborative work. With a fusion of child-initiated and teacher-led activities, children are encouraged to be independent learners in all areas of EYFS learning from Literacy and Mathematics, to understanding the world.

Whether you choose a Montessori or EYFS learning approach for your child, we aim to provide them with a secure, relaxed and inviting space throughout their preschool education. In addition to traditional learning, we ensure that children develop confidence, self-esteem and establish effective relationships with other children and adults. Learning outcomes are carefully monitored in line with EYFS guidelines and school reports are prepared twice a school year.

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