Outdoor Ed

At Woodland Pre-Schools, we ensure that every child has the availability and opportunity to learn outdoors. We consider the outdoor environment to be an extension of the classroom, offering essential growth in our children’s wellbeing and development.

We believe that outdoor learning has an equal value to indoor learning and that it has a positive impact on a child’s development. Consequently, it is vital that in an early years setting, that we maximise their opportunities to be outdoors. Regular opportunities are intentionally provided to explore the outdoor environment, both within and beyond our campus walls, with students being encouraged to observe and investigate the natural world around them, while safely challenging their own capabilities both independently and in groups.

On-campus activities are then extended through a range of field trips, all designed to authentically support the academic curriculum, offering children with a wide range of skills and an appreciation and connection to nature.

Being outside can ignite a unique excitement and curiosity in our young learners that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Therefore, it is our principle to provide every child, every year, the opportunity to experience this in a fun and engaging environment, whilst also getting their hands a little dirty along the way.

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