Language learning supports children to become internationally minded and be fully active global citizens.

Our Mandarin language programme provides appropriate exposure to the language allowing for familiarisation, a natural progression of language development and instilling a love of language learning at an early age. 


The youngest children, 6 to 24 months, will enjoy 15 to 30 minutes of immersive Mandarin in each class. A Mandarin specialist will lead a portion of the class, teaching concepts that align with the topics planned by our Early Years experts.


For our 2 to 3 year old children in their first unaccompanied class, their early years English teacher will be supported by a Mandarin assistant to provide environmental Mandarin for the full 3-hour class duration. Through this approach, the Mandarin assistant echoes key knowledge points surrounding class rituals, school concepts and vocabulary in their native language, reinforcing their knowledge.


For our Pre-School programme, parents can choose from our English, Bilingual and pure Mandarin streams. Each programme has Mandarin skills outcomes, which are taught through the classroom curriculum.

The English Stream is taught by native English teachers, specialised in early years education. Through our play-based approach, English will be taught across learning engagements, songs, games and stories to develop their language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each day, they will be joined by a Mandarin Specialist for a 30 minute Mandarin session.

The Bilingual Stream is taught by an English and a Mandarin early years specialist teacher.  Children will have the opportunity to enhance their Mandarin skills in listening, remembering and using words and phrases learnt within the classroom which covers daily conversations, Chinese culture and topic-based vocabulary. 

The pure Mandarin Stream will have full immersion of the language as Mandarin is the main medium of instruction for all areas of learning. Children are provided a rich language learning experience and are given opportunities to practice the four major language skills in class – listening, speaking, reading and writing. 


These classes follow the English National Curriculum, with daily 40 minute Mandarin sessions taught by the Mandarin specialists.   Mandarin session are aligned with the curriculum and specific Mandarin skills outcomes, to provide an enriched learning environment where your child can thrive.