As language is easier to pick up at an earlier age, parents are constantly looking for ways to help their children easily master Mandarin/Putonghua. To cater for different developmental needs, Woodland Pre-Schools offer three levels of intensity, in both Traditional and Montessori teaching methods:


English curriculum provides children with an introduction to the language and encourages their interest in English through songs, games, and stories which enable them to explore the culture in a fun and interesting way. A native English teacher conducts the lesson for 30 minutes three times per week.

Woodland Pre-Schools also offers extra-curricular English Clubs.


The Bilingual Stream allows exposure to Mandarin on a daily basis with a native Mandarin teacher who uses Mandarin 50% of the time. Children have more opportunities to listen, remember and use words and phrases learnt within the classroom which cover daily conversations, Chinese festivals and theme-related vocabulary. Mandarin Circle Time is allocated every day for 20 to 30 minutes and during this session, new themes and activities are introduced. They also follow a reading programme in class.


In the Pure Mandarin Stream, children have full immersion of the language as Mandarin is the only medium of instruction for all areas of learning. Children are provided a rich language learning experience and are given opportunities to practise the four major language skills in class - listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teaching is differentiated based on each child’s individual learning abilities and developmental needs, and they will be guided to use the spoken and written language in a meaningful environment.

The process of learning to understand the teacher in the immersion language helps children develop a wide range of problem-solving skills as well as to think more critically and flexibly. As a result, bilingual students do just as well and usually better in other academic areas, like math, than their monolingual peers.

Woodland Pre-Schools also offers extra-curricular Mandarin Clubs.