Welcome to Kennedy Town Pre-School

Close-Knit Community

We are a close-knit community made up of many different nationalities. Our families are welcome to share their culture and festivities throughout the school year so our children can learn about the world around them.

Hong Kong Inspired Play Areas

This campus is purposely designed with old Hong Kong as its inspiration for our children’s play areas, such as the Playground Tram, Traffic-Police Pagoda, Dai Pai Dong, Folding Iron Gates and more.

Dynamic Learning Environments

Our campus offers rich and dynamic learning environments, featuring two playgrounds, a soft-play room, and exciting role-play areas. Our classrooms are filled with natural light, nature-inspired materials, and child-friendly furniture to encourage independent learning and exploration.

Convenient Location

Our campus is conveniently located in the heart of Kennedy Town, easily accessible by MTR, bus or car. Most of our children live within walking distance of this charming school.

I’m an Early Years enthusiast with deep experience developing curricula, services, and teams providing optimal early childhood education and care.

Originally from the United States, I’ve worked in Hong Kong for 10+ years. I hold a Master of Education degree from the University of Hong Kong, where my studies focused on Early Childhood Development and bilingual education. I love running, hiking, basketball, and New York City sports teams.

I’m inspired by Play-Based Inquiry, metacognition, EdTech, child protection and wellbeing. I’m thrilled to play a critical role in ensuring your children have the best start in life.

“The first few years have so much to do with how the next 80 will turn out.”

– Bill Gates

Mr. Charlie Horowitz

Head of School

Woodland Kennedy Town Pre-School

G/F – 2/F, Hau Wo Building, 3C Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

School Hours

From 8.00AM to 5.00PM


(+852) 2817 2011



We are currently hosting Private School Tours at all of our 6 campuses.

Tours will be led by the Head of School and are a great way to learn more about the Woodland Journey. Come along and explore our exciting learning environments, experience our school facilities and meet our amazing teaching teams! Tours provide the perfect opportunity to ask questions and discuss your child’s future development at Woodland Pre-Schools.