General Information for Winter Camp

By Woodland, Woodland Pre-Schools
22 Oct 2021, 02:42 PM
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22 Oct 2021, 02:58 PM

In light of the COVID-19 situation, the following protocols will be in place to provide our children with a safe and hygienic environment during camp.

  • Children are required to bring their Health Declaration Form on their first day and Temperature Form every day to camp.
  • All persons entering the school must wear a surgical mask.
  • Children will need to bring at least one spare mask in a labelled Ziplock bag or container.
  • All persons (staff, children, caretakers) entering the school campus are to have their temperature taken and recorded. Any person with a temperature over 37.5C will not be allowed to enter the school premises. If a child develops a fever after arriving at school, caregivers will be informed and will have to make arrangements to pick their child up as soon as possible.
  • Children with a temperature of 37.5C or over will not be allowed to enter the school and should be kept home for at least 48 hours after they have recovered.
  • All surfaces, furniture, outdoor and indoor toys and equipment are cleaned daily using antibacterial solution. Anti-bacterial spray will be used frequently in class sessions.
  • All children to clean their hands upon arrival at school before entering the classroom.
  • Children must not share stationery.
  • For hygiene reasons, children must not share snacks/drinks.


  • If children have fever, respiratory symptoms or sudden loss of taste or smell, they should seek medical advice immediately and should not go to camp.
  • If the child (or family) is defined as a 'preliminary/confirmed positive', 'person subject to compulsory testing', 'close contact' or living in a building with 'compulsory testing notice', in accordance with CHP's regulation, he/she must inform the school immediately and should not go to camp.


Lanyards and Collection Cards will be available for pick-up at the campus on the first day of camp. For existing families, you can use your term-time Collection Cards. For safety reasons, a Collection Card must be presented by a Permitted Caregiver when picking up a child from school. Your child will not be released by the teachers until they have seen the Collection Card.


Camp t-shirts will be distributed on the first day of camp. 



Please dress your children in comfortable clothing that may be wet or soiled during class activities. We would encourage our children to wear proper footwear for active activities.

For campuses with an outdoor area, please pack sunscreen, bug repellent, hat and a spare set of clothes for your child.

Children need to bring at least one spare mask in a labelled Ziplock bag or container.


Please pack a nut-free snack and a full water bottle for your child. As mentioned, children must not share snacks for hygiene reasons.


Please call or email the school before 8.00 am should your child be absent from class that day. School contacts are listed below.



Please refer to the Typhoon and Heavy Rain Procedures on our website as a guideline of measures taken in extreme weather conditions. Our parents will receive a text message notification with updates if there are weather related closures. The website and Facebook page will also be updated with the latest information.


For any enquiries, please contact our Camp Woodland team at

Mid Levels

Woodland Montessori Academy

A: G/F – 3/F, On Fung Building, 110-118 Caine Road, Mid Levels

Woodland Junior Academy

A: G/F, Kam Kin Mansion, 119-125 Caine Road, Mid Levels

T: (+852) 2549 1211

Repulse Bay Montessori

Repulse Bay Montessori

A: G118 - 119 Ground Floor, The Repulse Bay, 109 Repluse Bay Road

T: (+852) 2803 1885

Sai Kung

Sai Kung Pre-School

A: Shop D, G/F, Marina Cove Shopping Centre, Sai Kung, N.T.

T: (+852) 2813 0290

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