General Information for Virtual Camp

By Woodland, Woodland Pre-Schools
07 Mar 2022, 01:03 PM
Updated on
10 Mar 2022, 01:11 PM

A Guide to Making the Most of the Virtual Spring Camp 

  • A dedicated Zoom/Teams link will be shared with you prior to the start of the Virtual Spring Camp. Please use your child’s name to login to Zoom/Teams so our coaches can identify your child. Please turn on your microphone and camera so your child can engage with the coaches. 
  • Start a ritual by having your child find a spot they like, then get comfortable. Talk to your child and ask them what they think will happen today or what they are looking forward to the most. 
  • Parents should ensure that appropriate adult supervision is in place throughout the period where child is logged on to the camp. 
  • It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to ensure that the child is in a safe space with low risk of injury. 
  • Have fun with your child and participate in the activities with them. 
  • It’s important that parents respect the online learning platform and treat this space as if it were a classroom. 
  • Use the “Quiet Time” as a break after each activity. Let your child choose what they want to do: rest, eat, play, have a cuddle or simply have a chat. You can choose to log out and log in again using the same link for each class or stay logged in but keep your account muted and camera off. 
  • Virtual Camp is part of our intellectual property, so please use the platform and material respectively. The resources and materials provided are for you to use and should not be shared with others outside of the Virtual Spring Camp.  
  • Please don’t record or share any photos without prior consent and approval.  
  • Please dress your child in comfortable clothing as the morning will be predominately very active. Suggested clothing would be shorts, t-shirt and trainers/sneakers (optional). For our Yoga sessions, these can be done barefoot. 
  • For Gymnastics and Yoga, it would be great if you have a Yoga mat or towel than can be used for these sessions. 
  • Don’t forget to prepare a water bottle as there will be water breaks throughout the morning. 
  • Some of our vendors may ask you to dress up for a “themed” session, such as dressing up as your favourite superhero or animal. These will be shared in advance, so look out for our emails.  

Please email Camp Woodland before 8.00 am should your child be absent from camp that day. Please contact our Camp Woodland team at 

Virtual Camp will continue as normal during inclement weather such as typhoons or heavy rain.  

For any enquiries, please contact our Camp Woodland team at 

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