Academic Acceleration Programme

By Woodland, Woodland Pre-Schools
17 May 2022, 03:44 PM
Updated on
30 Jun 2022, 08:57 AM



The pandemic has had far-reaching effects on children. Perhaps the most concerning of these effects is learning and social regression. It’s this gap that Woodland Pre-Schools is tackling with its new Academic Acceleration Programme (AAP) - to accelerate children’s progress and promote school readiness.

The importance of early childhood education cannot be emphasised enough. This programme will increase progress beyond the normal rate, with learning outcomes carefully monitored in line with the EYFS guidelines and strengthened with an added emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

Woodland is well aware that the pandemic has posed significant challenges to the wellbeing of young children. In addition to academic support, there is also strong support for children’s wellbeing as well as creating a safe environment where they can pursue their own interests and engage in activities that bring meaning and purpose.

In AAP, the academic emphasis is complemented by attention to social-emotional and English-language development.


From 17 August 2022


  • To children 2.8-4 years old and 4-5 years old
  • For the families who want the rigorous approach and need the extra support for school readiness. 



Mid-Levels Campus    I    Kennedy Town Campus



Schedule: 5 days a week, A.M. + P.M.

  • A.M: Morning will have an academic focus on reading, writing, maths, and phonics. 
  • P.M: Afternoons will emphasize both Woodland’s Programme of Inquiry and its extracurricular offerings.


Guided Sessions:

  • Small group instructional teaching
  • Short focused session
  • Deliberate acts of teaching
  • Observations recorded
  • Plan for the next learning step
  • Regular assessment and monitoring of progress



  • Balancing wellbeing and academic excellence
  • To prepare your child’s readiness for BIG school
  • Ready to make an easy and successful transition into any International Primary School of your choice. 


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