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We have a list of fun-fillled school events including Open Days and school workshops. If you would like to enrol your children and participate in our activitiess, remember to keep yourself updated on our latest school news on the Woodland website.

Jan 14, 2021
Transport and Direction

In our Pre-School Home-Based Learning classes, we talked about our favourite transport and read the story, "James Changes Colour." 

Dec 29, 2020
Unlocking Potential

We are excited to share our new video series ‘Unlocking Potential’ with you.

Jan 12, 2021
Online Information Session

Learn more about Woodland Pre-Schools and our admissions process at our Online Information Session on 12 January at 12.30 pm.

Dec 17, 2020
Space Art

The Butterflies class children are learning all about space and created art to represent galaxies and planets.

Dec 7, 2020
Bringing Nature into the Classroom

Our Assistant Mandarin Teacher at...

Dec 3, 2020
What is Shadow?

At Beachside, Ms Erika and Ms Enya followed the children's interests and their own observations to support the class concept of Shadows and Light...

Dec 2, 2020
Fun with Phonics

Pre-School children at Happy Valley started their official phonics programme. Leading up to the programme, they tried out all sorts of different...

Nov 27, 2020
Woodland Journey Windmill Instructions

Learn how to build your Woodland Journey Windmills.

Nov 24, 2020
Victorian Assembly at Woodland Pre-Schools Sai Kung

Before the school closure, our Prep for Primary class in Sai Kung conducted a Victorian Assembly to share their newfound knowledge through role-...


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