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We have a list of fun-fillled school events including Open Days and school workshops. If you would like to enrol your children and participate in our activitiess, remember to keep yourself updated on our latest school news on the Woodland website.

Nov 25, 2021
Exploring Music and Sounds

This week the children at Happy Valley Pre-School have been exploring music and sounds within the outdoor environment. ...

Nov 19, 2021
Choices and Art

In the Playgroup classes, we are all about building confidence.

Nov 15, 2021
Yummy Yummy

The Ladybird class at Woodland Sai Kung worked on their first mini-project - Yummy Yummy.

Nov 15, 2021
Once Upon a Time

The Seahorse class at Woodland Beachside just started their second inquiry project of this academic year - Once Upon a Time.

Nov 11, 2021
Zones of Emotions

Eve is one of the characters in our Protective Behaviours Programme which is designed to help children identify and express their emotions,...

Nov 4, 2021
November Enrolment Promotions

Please see below the enrolment promotions for accompanied and unaccompanied programmes for new children starting in November 2021.

Oct 28, 2021
Myself, Family and People in the Immediate Community

At the Happy Valley Annexe the Rollers, Wrigglers and Playgroup children have been exploring themes of ‘Myself, Family and People in...

Oct 28, 2021
Why do we need teamwork?

The Motorcycle children are learning about Community Helpers.  Many community workers are part of a team but why do they work in teams?

Oct 22, 2021
Woodland Open Evenings

Join our Open Evening to see our facilities and meet our team of educators.


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