16 Nov 2020

21st Century Montessori - Part 2

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Continuing from part 1, we will look at how Montessori teachers can innovate Dr Montessori's principles and provide students with 21st Century skills. [Read More]
10 Nov 2020

21st Century Montessori - Part 1

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Many people said Montessori was a hundred years ahead of her time. However, the skills needed to survive in the future are very different from what was taught in the old days. This series will talk about 21st Century skills are explored in a Montessori classroom. [Read More]
2 Nov 2020

The Importance of Play Series - Part 3

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In this next part of the Importance of Play series, we will look at a play experience that is likely the most common in any childhood--block play. In nearly every early years setting across the globe you will no doubt find a basket, shelf or floor full of blocks. We may think that returning to the same blocks day after...

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7 Oct 2020

Baby Brilliance - Part 2

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In continuance to Baby Brilliance - Part 1, part 2 will focus on how babies think and how we can maximize their development through play, meaningful interactions, and responsive caregiving. [Read More]
16 Sep 2020

Baby Brilliance - Part 1

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Raising and teaching young children is an amazing journey. Leaning on Charles Horowitz's, Education Lead at Woodland Pre-Schools, studies and practical experiences as an early years educator both inside and outside the classroom, he has gained valuable evidence-based insights about children's developing brain whic...

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