December 8, 2022

Woodland Pre-Schools Celebrating 45 Years!

In 1978, Woodland Pre-Schools opened its first Mid-Levels, Hong Kong campus. Nearly forty-five years and five campuses later, Woodland Pre-Schools is an award-winning international pre-school and kindergarten group passionate about early years education. We are proud to celebrate our birthday and the value we add to our children’s early years.

At Woodland Pre-Schools, the image of the child has always been the focus. Children are competent communicators who are active members of society. By allowing children time and space, they demonstrate themselves as more capable than we believe. Their thoughts and feelings are valued as they are contributing members of society. Woodland Pre-Schools believes that adequate care and guidance can allow children to flourish and be prepared for their primary education.

We are a multicultural school with over 40 nationalities attending, where children are communicators capable of constructing their learning. At Woodland Pre-Schools, each class has their unique intentional setup to inspire your child to explore their interests and curiosities. Our team includes the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Extra-Curricular Programmes, an Educational Lead and a Mandarin Coordinator. We strive to improve and build on our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. With our flagship Mid-Levels campus being Montessori, all our campuses incorporate Reggio-inspired environments and a play-based inquiry approach.

As part of the Cognita group with over 100 sister schools around the globe, your child’s wellbeing is part of our culture and something we extend to all our families. Cognita is a family of diverse yet well-connected schools with a Global Education Team utilising internal and external expertise to deliver outstanding educational experiences.

The Cognita Be Well Charter and Protective Behaviours Programme teaches children to recognise their emotions, feelings and state of being. Developing and practising strategies allows children to learn about themselves and how they can begin to regulate their emotions. Our wellbeing journey begins with self-regulation and continues with knowing oneself, serving others and developing leadership skills. The Cognita Be Well Charter identifies six key contributors to our wellbeing. Adequate and restful sleep, a healthy and balanced diet, moderate to vigorous regular physical activity, connecting with self and others, engaging in a fulfilling activity, and giving back to help a cause or other people. These interlinking and overlapping contributors are the foundational elements of our wellbeing.

As we approach our 45 years in Hong Kong, Woodland Pre-Schools would like to thank all the families in our communities for continuing to be part of the Woodland Journey. We would also like to thank our excellent staff, who, through our culture of care, constantly place our children at the heart of everything they do. As a leading pre-school and kindergarten, we are eager to continue serving our community as we deliver and enhance our academic and holistic practices for your children.