WMA_Marvellous Machines 2
December 8, 2022

Marvellous Machines at Mid-Levels

At Woodlands, our teachers create intentional classroom setups that are targeted to meet the interests of your child. Whether it’s a hair salon, a bank or a table filled with food and cutlery, there is always a space for every child to learn and play.

For our current project, ‘Marvellous Machines,’ the children in the Badgers class explored a mini office setting and extended their role-play activity into an interview session.

One of the children took on the role of an interviewer and interviewed the “office staff” while recording their regular workday at the office. This role-play activity allowed the children to explore a variety of perspectives and practise their social and communication skills in a meaningful context.

Children are inspired by the people and things that surround them, and it is in their instinct to want to learn more or mimic what they see. Each child is capable of more than we believe. By giving them the time and space, they will show us what they can do.