Campus News_SK 2022 oct-0394

Woodland Sai Kung Diwali Celebrations Shine!

The colourful Hindu and Sikh festival is taking pride of place at Woodland Sai Kung Pre-school. This is a great opportunity for children to gain knowledge and increasing understanding of the diversity in people, communities and the celebrations and traditions in the wider world. Students and teachers captured the spirit of Diwali through songs, dance, storytelling and artwork, with beautiful traditional costumes.

“This is an important annual event as we join together to recognise Diwali, celebrating the festival of lights and spreading messages of positivity, goodness and kindness.”

Even our youngest unaccompanied class, Stepping Stones learnt about the importance of diyas in festivals and ceremonies and painted their own to put up as decoration. Teachers and the learners shared cultural knowledge and used resources from our library such as stories and songs related to Diwali. It really was very special to have our entire school sharing and experiencing Diwali and we look forward to exploring and appreciating different cultures and traditions throughout the year.