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October 21, 2022

How Your Child Can Benefit From a Playgroup

As a crucial way for a child to learn and contribute to their personal development, playing is an essential part of life, especially for children under five years old. Learning through play is a fun method that helps kids to develop emotional, physical, and social skills. Encouraging children to interact with others is why many modern parents in Hong Kong opt for playgroups that systematically incorporate educational elements for the child’s learning development. Read on and explore how your baby can benefit if you join the best playgroup in Hong Kong.

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Nurture Social Skills

Numerous research suggests that children tend to start developing their social skills from the age of one to three. One of the most important benefits of group play in early childhood is that it facilities the development of social skills in children.

In playgroups, children interact with kids their age and develop their social skills in a fun setting. From sharing, negotiating, and taking turns to express emotions and coping with interpersonal conflicts amongst peers, playgroups serve as a safe environment for children to step into a world of friendship with a sense of belonging that will help provide them with the tools to succeed in their early years of development.   

Not only does preschool playgroup learning help kids settle in much quicker and easier in other school settings, but it also teaches them one of life’s most important survival skills: people skills.

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Increases Physical Activity

As its name suggests, a typical day in a playgroup involves learning through play. Children are encouraged to engage in various indoor and outdoor activities, including singing, circle games, swinging, spending time on the playground, moulding play and so much more. With a larger campus, our playgroups offer much more space for children to be active in a city like Hong Kong, where activity space is limited. Preschools are also equipped with more kids’ toys and entertainment sources to diversify the children’s playing methods. Hence, it benefits them to explore their interests and passions from an early age.

Even if your child is fonder of more sedentary games such as puzzles and drawings, they can benefit from regular and supported engagement in these group play activities. Playgroup activities are essential to developing children’s motor skills and hand-eye cooperation, another significant aspect of young children’s development.

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Learn to Adapt and Face Changes in Life

Separation anxiety is one of the most challenging stages a child faces throughout their early years. Some children become upset when parents are out of sight for a very short time, while others might experience and demonstrate ongoing stress over toddlerhood. No matter how much we want our babies to remain by our side and cling to us, the truth is that at one point, they will have to start facing the world on their own. Safeguarding is our responsibility, and we need to find a way to prepare them and ourselves in advance. We make sure that we ease your family through these transitions through careful and smooth preparations.

Compared to traditional schools, where most kids are forced to overcome their separation anxiety, playgroups are more fun and interesting to attend. Instead of sitting for hours at a time, kids are encouraged to be present for the sake of games and to learn through play. Playgroups are a less overwhelming option for your baby to get used to a school setting, become independent and embrace social life.

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Get A Taste of Playgroup Learning with Woodland Pre-Schools

In a nutshell, joining a playgroup is ideal for kids to grow and achieve important development milestones with fun activities. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a playgroup or simply wish to know more about our Woodland Journey and why it is one of the best playgroup classes in Hong Kong, do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Free trial classes are also available if you wish to experience our curriculum.