March 2, 2022


We are excited to share our new video series ‘Unlocking Potential’ with you. These are short videos that can empower and inspire parents to create fun and beneficial activities at home for their children. Enjoy!

VideoSuitable forLink
Sensory Cloud Dough with Ms TraceyAll agesClick Here
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with Mr CharlieAll agesClick Here
Holiday Baking with Ms Yang2 years+Click Here
8 BrainDance Movement Patterns with Ms Ruby0-12 monthsClick Here
Treasure Basket with Ms VickyAll agesClick Here
Music with Pots and Pans with Ms JayAll AgesClick Here
毛毛虫游戏 with Ms Michelle (蔡老师)All AgesClick Here
Playdough with Ms Sarah JaneAll AgesClick Here
Jack and Jill with Mr Dan2-3 yearsClick Here
Sensory Bottle with Ms Marianne6-12 monthsClick Here
Peach Blossom with Ms JohanneAll AgesClick Here
Red Pocket Fan with Ms Levinia3 years+Click Here
Threading Activity with Ms Kajal1.5 years+Click Here
Matching Socks with Ms Sarah Jane2 years+Click Here
Clay Octopus with Ms Christina3 years+Click Here
Magic Coloured Bottles with Ms Fiona1 years+Click Here
Shape Hunt with Ms Jessica2 years+Click Here
Pegging with Ms Kajal2 years+Click Here
Cutting Fruits with Ms Levinia2 years+Click Here
Magic Milk Experiment with Mr Kevin2 years+Click Here
Math Activity with Ms Cecilia 2 years+Click Here
Making Flowers with Shells with Ms Jenny2 years+Click Here
Leaf Painting with Ms Pooja2 years+Click Here
Rocking Snail with Ms Sophie2 years+Click Here
Symmetry Art with Ms Eileen2 years+Click Here
Cherry Blossom with Ms Yolky1 years+Click Here
Colour Scavenger Hunt with Ms Monidipa1 years+Click Here
Learning Facial Expression with Ms Fanny1 years+Click Here
Rock Stacking with Ms Doreen1 years+Click Here
Painting with Shaving Cream with Ms Suman2 years+Click Here
Finger Gym Song with Ms Marianne6 months+Click Here
Reading Tips with Mr Russell6 months+Click Here
Tummy Time with Ms Marianne6 months+Click Here
Jelly Fish Dance with Little Movers2 years+Click Here
Shadows with Ms Reema and Ms KikiAll AgesClick Here
Knee Bound Rhymes with Ms Vicky6 months+Click Here
Dinosaur Fosse with Little Movers2 years+Click Here
Edible Paint with Mr Russell6 months+Click Here