January 11, 2022


Under 2’s classes at Woodland Sai Kung are in full swing! A pivotal part of Under 2 classes is Sensory Play. 

Did you know that Sensory play is very important for your child’s brain development? Research shows that providing children with numerous Sensory play activities helps to strengthen their brain development, for learning, which further enhances their memory and ability to complete more complex learning tasks. From birth, children have the ability to explore their senses as they process new information. They begin to understand and make sense of the world by exploring different materials, feeling and touching various textures. Activities such as these provide them with opportunities to enrich their learning, creativity and independent thinking.

At Woodlands, we are committed to providing a firm platform for your little ones to develop a love for learning. It is our mission to make your children’s learning journey fun, exciting, enjoyable and to create a lasting thirst for knowledge.

Here are some of our exciting sensory play activities at school!