September 10, 2021


Stepping Stones is a child’s first experience in an unaccompanied class. Tears and unsettled emotions are completely natural. What really enables us to engage with our children is allowing them space and time to self soothe using our environment as the ‘Third Teacher’ – setting up intentional and inspiring spaces for the children to explore and learn from.

Recently, we took inspiration from children’s interests and set up a ‘project’ for the day. We started the day with three large pieces of cardboard laid out on the floor with markers and crayons. This quickly evolved into paint and cars as our children wondered how wheels make tracks. We dipped the cars in the paint, created track marks and observed. Not long after, our hands and feet, accidentally, were covered in paint, and we enjoyed watching that mixed media evolve, making it a whole-body experience. 

Since we were all messy, it was a great chance to learn to clean up. We brought out tubs of water and sponges and washed the cars together. What a fun morning! Stay tuned for more exciting projects coming up at Repulse Bay Montessori.