June 8, 2021


The main idea running through our World Environment Day was around the question ‘what happens to rubbish after you throw it in the bin?’ When I asked the children this very question on the first day, these are some of the things they said…

‘It goes somewhere really far away where no-one can see.’

‘It’s cut up and flattened and sent somewhere else.’

‘It will be sent to outer space….oh no, I forgot it can’t it will make it dirty too!’

‘It will go to a factory to clean the rubbish.’

This was followed up by looking at pictures of landfills in Hong Kong and watching videos that show how rubbish incinerators work. We also gave the children some ‘rubbish’ and a sandpit and asked them to try and make their own landfill by burying it. Finally, we talked about recycling and looked at sorting ‘rubbish’ into recycling bins (similar to what you would find in Hong Kong).