May 20, 2021


The theme this month at Woodland Kennedy Town is ‘Why is Water Wet?’. The children asked many questions, and so, they explored this theme with paint. They added water to 4 basic colours to make them runny. They then ‘scooped’ a few colours onto white paper and blew them around the paper with a piece of straw. The children observed how colours changed as they were diluted and mixed with other colours. They were also able to express themselves through this process art activity.

In keeping with the theme ‘water’, the class experimented with the different states of water through freezing and melting. They coloured water and froze them in ice trays. They observed how water became solid after it had been frozen. As they use the coloured ice blocks to ‘paint’ on paper, they observed how ice blocks melt naturally at room temperature. As the colours became runny, they were able to create various light and dark shades from the melted coloured water.

To understand the melting process, they added salt to observe whether the melting speed will be affected. They were facinated by how much faster ice melts when salt is added.