May 18, 2021


The children in Doves, at Woodland Montessori Academy, are exploring the theme ‘Water’ through different activities.

Water-play activities help to develop and strengthen children’s gross and fine motor skills. Children enhance their gross motor skills, coordination and physical fitness through lifting, pouring, carrying and splashing, while actions such as squeezing help to develop the small muscles in a child’s hands.

Observing a branch or paper float or sink will teach them, in a very practical way, how and why things happen. But above all, it encourages them to use their imagination and develops creative thinking which plays an important role in problem-solving.

These activities also help them learn a number of new words while having fun with water and having conversations about it with their fellow classmates! Wet, Damp, Depth, Drain, Flow, Drenched, Drizzle, Sieve, Sink, Float,… are to name a few.Water-play releases energy and can be both relaxing and calming for young children. It increases their ability to concentrate on one activity when presented as a tranquil and repetitive activity (scooping, pouring, and running their hands through the water). Gentle water play allows them to unwind, order their thoughts and relax.

It also encourages role play and crucial social skills like cooperation and sharing. They learn to work with one or several children, to take turns and share the space and accessories with their friends.