January 21, 2021

Meet Our Wellbeing Officer – Ms Jen

As part of the Cognita Group, Woodland Pre-Schools are dedicated to our community’s wellbeing. We aim to focus on, improve, and advocate the wellbeing of our children, our community and our colleagues. One’s wellbeing is personal, but there are several factors that we all can monitor in ourselves and in those around us in order to maximize it.

With this in mind, Woodland Kennedy Town would like to introduce our Community’s Wellbeing Officer, Ms Jen. She sets a great example and is a champion of our Be Well Charter through her personal lifestyle and personality in maximising both mental and physical contributors of wellbeing. Not only is she serious about her own wellbeing, she also maintains a close eye on the wellbeing of her colleagues at school. Ms Jen is always available to help others and ensures that wellbeing and the fundamentals of our Be Well Charter are always carefully considered in any decisions or activities for our community.