October 21, 2020


An expressive, purpose-built space, our Art studio is proving very popular at our school.

Art is one among infinite ways children express, explore, connect their thoughts and feelings. Filled with a wide range of materials, our studio aims to develop children’s creativity, allowing them to explore through their senses, the beauty of colour, texture, lines, movement and space.

At one of our exciting sessions this week, the children were in awe with the tinker trays on the centre table which offered buttons, beads, sticks, glitter, glue, even leaves and shells. Some of the children decided to make their own handprints and decorated them with various pieces from the trays, while the boys had fun at the mirror station where they chose to draw self-portraits.

There was an interesting moment when the children went through different papers and fabrics hanging by the wall, touching them and commenting on how the texture felt in their hands. George pointed at the jute fabric and said, “this feels rough”. Lucas liked the puffy bubble wrap while Greyson thought the cork sheets were nice. Each nominated a material for a joint project and after a quick discussion, decided that the bubble wrap was best to paint a colour collage. Greyson suggested “can we add leaves on our picture?” The others thought that was a great idea!

It is in situations such as this, that children are able to communicate ideas and develop leadership qualities too. We are immensely proud of our Studio and the various opportunities it provides, along with developing fluency in expressive art.