October 8, 2020


At Woodland Beachside we put great emphasis on our classroom environment and our teachers work hard to ensure that all our children get involved. This will help them value and want to take care of their environment independently. For example, this week in our Sandpiper class, some of our 4-year-olds noticed that the fish tank was starting to get dirty “Why is the water cloudy? Do the fish like that? When I asked the children what we should do about it, they decided we should clean out the tank. Several children jumped at the chance to help with this.

They enjoyed carefully catching the fish in a net and placing them gently into a bowl of water, then removing the different stones and plants inside. In no time we had a crystal clear fish tank once again. The children had great fun, at the same time, they learned how to help look after their environment. In fact, the next day, some of the children started telling their teacher that the fish were hungry and noticed that the tank had started to get a little dirty already.

The children’s ownership of their class fish tank has started.

– Wayne Owen, Lead Teacher, Woodland Beachside