September 25, 2020


As part of the Cognita Family, we celebrate Global Be Well Day every year with activities that promote specific areas of wellbeing. This year, our activities will be held in virtual classrooms, and we have hand-picked a few activities for the public to join. Should you be interested in joining any of the activities below, please email our Director of Extra-Curricular Programmes, Thomas Fairclough, for the access link.

Global Be Well Day Activities
Date: 25 September 2020Time: 2.00 – 4.00 pm
2.00-2.30 pm MLFA Mini LeaguersJoin this fun and innovative online football class that revolves around a favourite children’s book. Children will fully immerse themselves in the narrative and take part in a variety of footballing activities linked to the story.
 Integrated Medicine Institute“Emotional Resilience in times of Great Uncertainty”. During times of great uncertainty, resuming school isn’t quite as simple as it once was. Learn how we can learn to work with these emotions to gain greater emotional wisdom and resilience. 
2.45-3.15 pmEmotional Sock BunnyPuppet play is a fun way for your child to explore strong feelings and learn ways to manage them. Emotions such as frustration or jealously are often hard for a child to understand and talk about. Exploring and expressing these emotions through the character of a puppet can help your child learn how to manage emotions better. Materials: one pair of spare socks, a pair of scissors, a permanent marker, rice or beans, and a ribbon or rubber band.
 Gordon Parenting“How to Handle an Angry or Upset Child?” How should a parent respond when a child is crying, upset, agitated, withdrawn or throwing a tantrum? Learn more about how Active Listening can help with providing a response that not only soothes the feeling of the child but promotes better parent-child connection. 
3.30-4.00 pmMaking Playdough (or Dough Disco)Children will have the opportunity to make their very own playdough with their parents. This enjoyable activity will culminate in a group Dough Disco Dance with participants moulding the dough in time to music and performing different actions.Materials: 1 cup of flour, 1/4 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of water, 1 tbsp of cooking oil, food colouring, 1 large mixing bowl, big spoons, measuring cups and airtight container.
 Mr MotivatorA leading health & wellbeing coach, UK’s original fitness guru, Mr Motivator, will be motiving viewers of all ages to a 20-minute workout.