global be well day at woodland
September 27, 2019


Woodland Pre-Schools will join our global Cognita school family in celebrating our first Global Be Well Day on Friday 27 September.  Our 3 main foci are The Brain and Sensory; Physical Wellbeing; and Mindfulness.  Sensory play is important in the early years for brain development, and it is the way early learners explore the world around them.  Physical play not only helps develop strong bones and flexibility, but improves mood and develops agency and resilience, while mindfulness helps children to self-regulate, tune into their senses, developing the whole brain – and when practiced with family, enhances the bond and strengthens relationships.

The day will begin with a mindfulness session for parents and children, followed by an opportunity to discover activities which focus on our themes and support emotional wellbeing for our youngest learners. These will include crossing the mid-line, activities you can use at home to develop upper body strength in infants,  the use of smell and sound to regulate overwhelming emotions, and how blowing bubbles helps soothe the mind and body.  You will come away with a Wellbeing Resource Pack with ideas you can use at home with your child.

Come join us at one of our campuses and find out how we can nurture our early year’s children’s emotional wellbeing.