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Upcoming Seminars

20 September 2018

Sign up early as places are limited and first come first served. External parents are also invited to join. 

* Please arrive 10-15 mins before, as we will start promptly at 6.30 pm *

Introducing Solid Foods by Yvonne Heavyside from The Family Zone 

Time:  6:30 - 8:00 pm
Date:  21st Nov 2018 (Wed)
Location:  Woodland Montessori Academy, Mid-Levels

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The WHO and many professional organisations recommend that a baby should be exclusively breast or formula fed for the first 6 months and then after that solid food should be introduced. Yet in reality very few parents are following The WHO guidelines and in fact many pediatric health professionals, throughout the world, advocate an earlier introduction of solid food! These mixed messages can be extremely confusing for parents who are seeking advice about feeding their baby. This seminar will explore the appropriate time for the introduction of solid food and the different ways of managing it. We will consider both baby led weaning and traditional weaning methods, what food to use, how to identify and manage allergies and how to prevent choking.


How to Choose and Train a Domestic Helper by Yvonne Heavyside from The Family Zone 

Time:  6:30 - 8:00 pm
Date:  16th Jan 2019 (Wed)
Location:  Woodland Montessori Academy, Mid-Levels

Yvonne has worked with Mothers and babies in HK for over 20 years and teachers domestic helper first aid and childcare courses. Have you noticed how frequently the topic of domestic helpers comes up on social media? And how varied and tense responses are? This topic consistently causes many of the Mothers Yvonne works with anguish, particularly concerning the employment of Domestic Helpers looking after babies and young children. This session will be an honest discussion about the common problems Yvonne have encountered whilst working in Hong Kong with families and from training domestic helpers

Tips will be given on how best to achieve effective communication. Apart from how to choose and train a helper, the following topics will also be discussed:

• Understand what you really want from a helper
• Explore the best way to find a domestic helper compatible with your family
• Suggestion on what to look for during interview
• Importance of following up references
• Pre-employment health checks
• Suggestions of how helpers can be trained within the home
• The importance of establishing good communication from day 1
• Course recommendations for developing helper skills will also be discussed

Sleep Problems by Yvonne Heavyside from The Family Zone 

Time:  6:30 - 8:00 pm
Date:  20th March 2019 (Wed)
Location:  Woodland Montessori Academy, Mid-Levels

There are no easy answers and no 'one solution suits all'! The purpose of this seminar will be to explore how to try to prevent sleep issues in children and how to deal with them. Various sleep training options will be examined. Sensitivity to different lifestyles will be considered. The use of 'sleep trainers' and involving helpers will also be discussed.

Travelling with a Baby & Toddler by Yvonne Heavyside fromThe Family Zone 

Time:  6:30 - 8:00 pm
Date:  15th May 2019 (Wed)
Location:  Woodland Montessori Academy, Mid-Levels

As we approach the holiday season this topic will appeal to those considering taking long (or short) haul flights and to those planning either family hopping visits or staying in resorts and hotels. Sadly, whilst many Hong Kong families look forward to overseas trips with their little ones the reality is often that these holidays are far from restful. We will discuss the ideal age to travel with a baby, how to prepare for flights, what to pack and how best to manage family visits.

Yvonne Heavyside
BA (Hons), RGN, HV Dip, DN Cert, IBCLC, Further Education Teachers Certificate, NSC Instructor

Yvonne is a UK trained and registered general nurse. She is also a registered nurse in Hong Kong and a Health Visitor (maternal & child health specialist), Lactation Consultant, Further Education Teacher and First Aid & CPR Instructor. 

Yvonne has over 30 years’ experience as a nurse both in the UK and in Hong Kong, and she previously worked in the Matilda International hospital running their well-baby clinic. She founded her own company, The Family Zone, specifically to provide a personal, professional, hands-on service for new mums. In addition to this wealth of experience, Yvonne is the mother of three children and grandmother to two.


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