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Woodland's 40th Anniversary

08 March 2018

Tree Planting

On April 26th, as part of Woodland Pre-School's 40th birthday celebrations, Woodlands’ Prep children will join together to plant 40 trees in the Tung Mei Valley forest area of Lantau.

The tree planting will form part of an exciting day trip for the children to the Ark Eden environmental centre in Mui Wo, Lantau, Hong Kong.

During the day children will examine the reason for Hong Kong’s high deforestation rate, and how the subsequent soil erosion affects other living systems.  We will partake in fieldwork activities including tree maintenance and identification, soil building activities and work in the tree nursery. 

In planting 40 native trees we will celebrate the beautiful bio diversity of nature in Hong Kong and contribute to building earth solutions for the future generations!  


40th Anniversary Fete


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