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Breastfeeding with Yvonne Heavyside

31 August 2017

Date:  9th October (Mon)
Time:   6:30 - 8:00 pm
Location:   The Woodland Montessori Academy, Mid-Levels


We would like to invite you to a breastfeeding workshop conducted by Yvonne Heavyside, Lactation Consultant.

The session will cover advice on how to successfully breastfeed your baby and the importance of getting off to a good start. There will be a question and answer session at the conclusion of the talk. We will discuss ways to get off to a good start by immediate skin to skin contact and frequent undisturbed feeding as well as the following topics:


 •  Breasts - Does size matter?
 •  Implants, breast reduction, inverted nipples - How may they affect feeding?
 •  How milk is made and supply maintained
 •  Effective latching
 •  How to build up good supply
 •  Returning to work and breastfeeding
 •  Common problems and how to prevent them


Please sign up early as places are limited and first come first served.

Existing parents are welcome to send your RSVP to:

We welcome external parents to come join us as well. Please specify the workshop you would like to attend and send your name and contact details to:


Yvonne Heavyside
BA (Hons), RGN, HV Dip, DN Cert, IBCLC, Further Education Teachers Certificate, NSC Instructor

Yvonne is a UK trained and registered general nurse. She is also a registered nurse in Hong Kong and a Health Visitor (maternal & child health specialist), Lactation Consultant, Further Education Teacher and First Aid & CPR Instructor. 

Yvonne has over 30 years’ experience as a nurse both in the UK and in Hong Kong, and she previously worked in the Matilda International hospital running their well-baby clinic. She founded her own company, The Family Zone, specifically to provide a personal, professional, hands-on service for new mums.

In addition to this wealth of experience, Yvonne is the mother of three children and grandmother to two.

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