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To prevent the spread of influenza in schools, the Education Bureau announced today that all kindergartens, kindergarten cum child care centres, primary and special schools will start Chinese New Year Holidays from 8 Feb till 23 Feb inclusively.

Tapestry Online Learning Journal

24 July 2017


Starting on 4th September, Woodland Group of Pre-Schools is launching a new program, Tapestry, across all 9 schools aimed at further tracking children’s development and therefore ensuring more individualized learning. 

Tapestry Online Learning Journal is about capturing the magic of a child’s early years experience, and recording children’s learning in a way that is easy and fun, providing parents with special memories to treasure. The interactive process tracking program launched in 2013 from the UK and is widely used by thousands of educational settings providing each child with an online journal that parents can access safely. 

The innovative online journal features digital photographs, videos and information about what the child has been doing in school and will come directly to the parent’s inbox. Each setting receives a complete, secure application with its own web address, as well as full viewing and editing controls. 

The regular uppload of observations in class not only tracks progress more effectively, it also ensures enhance parent-teacher communication and encourages parent contributions to the learning journal. The user-friendly program allows additional family member access even on mobile devices with the download of Tapestry app. 


To learn more about Tapestry, please visit


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