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Woodland Pre-Schools offers classes for children aged from 6 months to 6 years

Whether you choose a Traditional or Montessori school, your child will be given the solid foundation and skills that are essential for a successful transition into the primary school of your choice. 

We offer English, bilingual or pure Mandarin classes, ensuring the best possible start to children and a smooth transition to primary school.

Classes we offer at Woodlands:

Rollers (6 months to 12 months)

Wrigglers (12 months to 18 months)

Playgroup (18 months to 2 years 4 months)

Stepping Stones (2 years 4 months to 2 years 8 months)

Baby Massage  l  Boogie Babies - Movement & Music for Toddlers  l  Messy Play  l  Musical Movers  l  Sensory Storytelling 

Pre-School (2 years 6 months - 6 years)

Prep for Primary (5 years plus)

Extra-Curricular Clubs (3 years - 7 years)

Holiday Camps (3 years - 7 years)


Please contact our schools for further information on the classes we offer.

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