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To reserve a space, please send your RSVP to and indicate which school your child currently attends. External parents are also invited!

Please sign up early as places are limited and first come first served.

Supporting Communication and Language Development by Melinda Sturges

Such is the popularity of Melinda Sturges’ seminar on ‘Supporting Language and Communication Development’, that we will also host this talk at our Beachside School on Tuesday, 5th December at 6.30pm, giving parents two choices of venues.

Time:  6:30 - 8:00 pm
Date:  5th Dec 2017 (Tue)
Location:  Woodland Beachside, Repulse Bay


This presentation will look at the building blocks for language development exploring how children’s language develops and what we can do as adults to develop it further. The seminar will suggest practical strategies to support your child and ways that you engage with them to develop their language skills and ensure they have all the skills necessary to engage in learning and to do well in Primary School interviews.

Communication is the number one tool your child needs for these interviews and is therefore vital in their early years. The presentation will touch on raising children bi-lingually and will also look at how technology can affect speech and language development. 

Melinda Sturges, BSc, MEd, LRCST (UK)

Melinda Sturges is an experienced Speech and Language Therapist who has been working in Hong Kong for many years. Her academic and professional qualifications were obtained at University College, London.

She is based at the Child Development Team (Central Health) at Southside Family Health Centre. Her particular clinical areas of interest include: developmental disorders of speech and language; specific learning difficulties; and fluency and voice disorders in both adults and children.

Melinda works closely with her fellow professionals conducting joint developmental assessments and working collaboratively to develop suitable management strategies for the individual child. She is also involved in pre-school screening programmes at various HK kindergartens. 

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