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Woodland Pre-Schools has fully provided 8 refugee children with the opportunity to attend our schools from Term 1 (2016-2017) onwards. Such support would be given to individual children who are from impoverished background, so that they can meet the ambitions of their life and reach their maximum potential. 

We believe that it is our social responsibility to bring an impactful change in the lives of children in need and inspiring others to join in on our belief. Our emphasis is on all-round development of children, intellectual, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Woodland constantly strive to make a difference by supporting the underprivileged children to high-quality education at our schools and facilitating them with new possibilities and opportunities for their early years.

Please stay tuned and connect with us on social media for further information and updates of our upcoming charity events at our schools:



Box of Hope

Box of Hope is an annual charity project aimed at providing useful/educational gifts to underprivileged children in Hong Kong & Asia donated by Hong Kong school children and local organisations. It started by Nicole Woolhouse and Harriet Cleverly in 2008 from a desire to teach their own 6 children the gift of giving. One of the aims of the project is to encourage children ranging from 3 to 18 years to be aware of their environment/community and show them how they can help make a difference. In addition to providing educational and fun gifts for children in need throughout Asia.

Each year the children and their families fill old shoe boxes with new, interesting and educational gifts at home and drop them off at the collection point at each Woodland Pre-School. The boxes are then collected and delivered directly to the children in need.



St. James Settlement

Founded by the Rt. Rev. Bishop R.O. Hall of the Anglican Church in 1949, St. James’ Settlement began as a club for boys and girls in a temple in Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai. It was then developed into a six-storey building on Kennedy Road in 1963 to provide diversified services, including children and youth services, elderly services and rehabilitation services. In 1987, the headquarters was opened in Stone Nullah Lane so that the scope of services could be further extended. 

The first centre outside Wanchai was established in 1990. Since then, different service centres have been developed and most of them are located along the north coast of Hong Kong Island, from The Belcher’s in Western to Hing Wah Estate in Chai Wan. In recent years, in view of the society’s ever changing needs, service centres in Kowloon and the New Territories have opened. By the end of September 2016, their 59 service points are in operation across Hong Kong to provide a vast range of high quality services for people of different ages and needs.

Every year, St. James’ Settlement serves more than 3.8 million person-times. They provide a broad spectrum of services ranging from community support to residential care and the target beneficiaries include children, teenagers, families, the elderly and people with disabilities .

Woodland Pre-Schools support the St. James’ Settlement Food Drive annually over the winter. This charity provides free food to the street sleepers and temporary food supplies to the poor who are in urgent need. Chilren and the families contribute by bringing in dried food such as cans, rice and pasta during the collection week to our schools.



Purple Cake Day 

A charity event run by the Kenbe La Foundation Charitable Trust, a New Zealand Registered Trust, Purple Cake Day supports children to get the education they need to break the poverty cycle and create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Purple Cake Day is about kids helping kids. They look for fun, smart and educational ways to celebrate the children in their lives, encourage them to learn about their role on the planet, and empower them to take action for those in need. The organisation supports children in Haiti, Nepal and Kenya to get the education they need to break the poverty cycle. Their trusted hands-on projects, run with local expertize, bringing quality education to hundreds of children living in poverty. We also have an Emergency Children’s Fund to be able to respond to children facing an urgent humanitarian crisis anywhere in the world.

Purple Cake Day is another charity that Woodland advocates. Children come in to schools wearing purple and and celebrate the arts by creating their own colourful drawings and purple 'Flags of Hope' to string up in schools or outdoors. Families can take part by bringing in delicious purple cakes or cupcakes which they bake to raffle or sell for donations.




Save the Children

Save the Children Hong Kong was established in April 2009 with the aim of raising funds to support our programmes in China and other countries. The Hong Kong office also supports local charity organizations, including Against Child Abuse (ACA) and The Hong Kong Committee of Children's Rights (HKCCR), providing assistance in funding and activities planning.

Save the Children works to resolve the ongoing struggles children face every day - poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease - and replaces them with hope for the future. They have 30 national organizations working together to deliver programmes in more than 120 countries around the world. Save the Children work with other organizations, governments, non-profits and a variety of local partners while maintaining our own independence without political agenda or religious orientation.


Crossroads Foundation

Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based non-profit organisation. Their goal is to connect people in a broken world, bringing together those in need and those who can help. Crossroads Foundation gives back by helping Hong Kong people through the donation of welfare support and the generation of income for to support parallel charities. They also offer daily x-periential learning programmes to help Hong Kong people deepen their understanding of people in need.

Other than numerous social project work to assist those in need in Hong Kong, Crossroads Foundation offer welfare support for people by giving 60% of our donated goods to individuals and families in need within Hong Kong and  the social enterprise offers employment to those who struggle to get jobs. The organization also strive to generate income for people in Hong Kong through baked goods by their staff and fair trade by selling products they make on a fair trade basis. 

Woodland Pre-Schools have donated classroom furniture, educational facilities, play equipment, stationery supplies and textbooks to Crossroads Foundation over the last few years in hopes to making a difference in the lives of people who struggle daily with poverty with our regular support.



Two Presents

The Hong Kong based social enterprise was founded by Mia, Mike, Karola and Shirin, who are all parents who are keen to teach our kids how to live greener and more responsible lives. In the quest to ensure our next generation learns the importance of giving back to the community, Twopresents was set up.

Since the start from 2013, Twopresents have been overwhelmed by the positive response from Hong Kong families who are passionate about sharing and making a difference. The money collected by Twopresents will be split between you and your chosen charity. The percentage donated to the charity is up to you. Your portion of the funds will be transfered to your registered bank account so you can buy your special present. 

Twopresents constantly strives to play a part in making the world a better place. Their beliefs include educating families about sharing and the many social causes that need help, reducing waste generated from packaging and pollution, and  ensuring the special present the children receive is something they actually wants.



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