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Summer Fun Programme 2017

3rd July - 11th August

6 Weeks of Themed Activities to Entertain and Educate!

Stepping into a new world each week, your child will become immersed in the theme through a range of focused activities! Summer is taking on a whole new look this year and each day we will give your child access to exciting experiences in Art & Crafts, Cooking, Music, Sports, and Drama. Your child will be able to hone and develop their skills in these areas as they concentrate on a different activity each day of the week.

This will provide a more varied programme for the children, with a fresh ‘angle’ each day of the week, and the chance for the children to step into something new and stimulating each time they come to class. It also means that you can ensure your child is having a well-rounded summer experience, with exposure to these 5 core areas included each and every week:

It’s open to all children aged 6 months to 7 years, and we offer entertaining and educational activities for everyone. We welcome non-Woodland children as well as exisiting students! 

Each of the 6 weeks will feature a different theme; each day of each week we will focus on an entirely different approach to the theme. You can enrol for 1 week, or the whole 6 week course!



We are also offering a Summer Fun Programme conducted entirely in Mandarin at several locations. This immersive course is open to children over the age of 2 years 6 months and will run in Repulse Bay Montessori, Pokfulam, Sai Kung, Peak and Montessori Academy* at Mid-Levels.

*Pre-School only.

Our Summer Fun Programme Calendars are now available to download:

Click below to download the Timetable and External Booking Form for each school.

* Please note these external forms are for external children and NOT for existing Woodland students.

woodland summer fun programme

After its huge success last year, we will once again be running our Summer Kids In Motion Sports and Games Programme at certain campuses, should you wish your child’s Summer activities to focus more specifically in this one area. You can also choose to mix and match your child’s activities in the mornings and afternoons by signing up for both of our half day Summer Programme! 

Click here to download the Summer Sports & Games Programme Schedule & Registration Form.
* Please note this external form is NOT for existing Woodland students.

Contact your local school to find out more:


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