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Over 80% of our registration are from word of mouth. Here are just a few reviews from parents who have discovered the numerous joys and benefits both they and their children receive as a result of experiencing the Woodland approach to pre-school learning.




Astha Kashyap

Shifting to a new country is never easy. What makes it more difficult is to find right schools for our precious little ones! When I shifted to Hong Kong, I looked around for the right schools nearby for my 5 year old. From the moment I contacted and stepped into Woodland Sai Kung, I knew my search was over. Angela was there to patiently answer all questions coming from a worried mother, decor and space were inviting and teachers were so polite yet firm that I knew my kid would be in good hands. 

Curriculum to school tours, class activities to clear way of communicating through Tapestry, mystery readers to Diwali/CNY celebration, you name it! Everything is so well-organised and carefully taken care off. After a year with Woodlands, when my child went to his prospective 'Big School', his first words were 'I like Woodlands, I don't want to be here!'

Thank you Angela and the entire team. I have seen pre-schools in other countries and as a mother of two kids I can confidently say this, Woodlands is one of the best pre-school any kid can have. Well managed, transparent, supportive and of course fantastic EYFS coverage. We will miss you! All the best

Jack Zhai

Lori very much enjoyed the time during the past 1.5 years at Woodland Sai Kung, I can still remember she could barely sit in her first class. She was very lucky to have the chances to learn from Ms. Leanna, Ms. Aoife, Ms. Laura and Ms. Juliana, and they are all awesome; professional in teaching and very patient to Lori's unpredictable restlessness from time to time. We also appreciate the advice and guidance offered generously by Angela, the Head of School, along the way. We'd like to thank everyone in Woodland to take good care of Lori during her such early stage of life. The experiences at Woodland are simply impressive, and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Philip Chau

Nathan had a great time at Woodland Sai Kung, and is excited for his next phase in learning. Thank you very much again. Woodland will be a school we will definitely recommend to friends and families! 

Ann and Ambrose Leung

We can’t describe how much we appreciate the education that Woodland Sai Kung has given to Alexander in the past several months. Alexander has built a very solid relationship with Ms. Lyric and all other teachers and he likes the school very much!

Jade Scott

Woodland Sai Kung is a wonderful setting and that Laurie has very much enjoyed his time there. His little smile when he leaves tells me everything I need to know with this regard. 

Stephanie Oosting

We have been extremely happy with the schooling you have provided for Lily and look forward to Louis becoming older and joining classes at Woodland Sai Kung.

Beth Reintjes

Our daughter loved the warm and supportive school environment at Woodland Beachside. She had so much fun learning there. It is a special place!

Jasper Van Hoof

Celine has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Woodland Sai Kung and my wife and I have always been very happy with how the school is run, the teachers, the bus service, the communication and just in general the care for the children of everyone involved with Woodland. We have recommended the school on numerous occasions.

Rhona Wyatt 

Woodland Sai Kung is a small, friendly kindergarten that provides the kindness, organisation and stimulus that has made our child’s first experience of school a positive one. The focus is on the individual, but revealed to our child the rewards and gratification of understanding and cooperating with a classroom system and structure.  The staff and culture at Woodlands are geared towards the wellbeing of each child and the creation of a sense of community and belonging, as well as the sheer love of learning.  It was marvellous to see the evolution and enjoyment of our child - and all the children in his classes.  The school supports every child, with their specific background, personality, likes and needs, to be the best they can be in a happy and gently encouraging way. 

Maddy Green

We have been so lucky with Woodland Beachside. My 2 children have blossomed under the care of Tracey and her wonderful teachers and we couldn’t be more happy with their experience here.

You can immediately feel as you walk in the door how warm and nurturing an environment it is and this is felt very much by the children. From the extra care and love taken with each child, to the special events put on in each class and in the whole school, to, for example, teach them about different religions and cultures. We are so grateful to everyone.

I realised from the school reports how WELL the teachers have gotten to know the children which is just amazing. Jake has made some wonderful friends and memories at Woodlands and Lily and Edie are so lucky to still be here!

Bohyun Wang & Il Yeon You

Our Pre-School tours stopped immediately when we met Tracey, the head of school, at Woodland Beachside. Tracey had such a bright energy, warm heart and big welcoming smile which convinced us that this school was the right one for our daughter who was making a transition to a new country and environment. It is so rare in Hong Kong to find such a small class size yet in a spacious place, let alone in a lovely and sunny classroom, overlooking the blue sky, the seaside and green trees. 

Not only the facilities make a difference at Woodland Beachside, but also the teachers who are caring, patient, attentive, friendly, welcoming and professional. I have been very impressed with the personal attention my daughter has received, the way in which the teachers (Ms. Maggie and Ms. Virginia) know my child and how she has become much more confident, mature and independent during her time at Woodland Beachside. They did a phenomenal job encouraging her inner development.

We also really like the parent’s community and how we connect through our children and the various activities the school organizes throughout the year. Most importantly though, Ha Young has benefited from an international and diverse environment. Ha Young enjoyed going to school every day, playing with her classmates from all over the world, as well as learning intellectually from the teachers.

We could not have wished for a better start for our daughter. A great education is the best gift parents can give a child. Woodland Beachside is a wonderful platform for children to develop their love of learning and exploration of the world around them. It is a delightful children-oriented pre-school with a nurturing family-minded atmosphere.

We feel that the year Ha Young has spent at Woodland Beachside has equipped her with great communication and social skills which prepared her to be ready as a confident and blooming child in her new primary school. 

Fei & the Li family

I realize that today is the last day Sean and Nathan attend Woodland. My family and I would like to express how happy and grateful we are for everything you and the whole Woodland Sai Kung team have done for the past 4+ years. Sean and Nathan have grown and learned so much under your care, with so many sweet and unforgettable memories!  I’m sure they will miss you all so much, and want to come back and visit sometimes.  

Annette & Arvind Vermani

My daughter Senna absolutely loves Ms. Angel and the friends she has made. Ms. Angel is an amazing teacher who brings out the best in the kids. She is kind and firm, generous with hugs and is patient with the children. Ms. Kavita is an amazing head of school, she knows every child, responds to every single email, and on top of all that, remembers little details about us parents. We will truly miss everyone from the teachers to the ever-cheerful aunties at Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori.

For close to a year my son Phoenix has been under Ms. Elaine and Ms. Hannah whom he adores. He has become confident to speak up, he follows rules and went from refusing to eat any kind of fruit to trying everything. Ms. Elaine and Ms. Hannah are extremely patient and kind teachers. He loves to sing and tell stories on his bus rides with Ms. Hannah. His motor skills and interest in building has improved so much from his Construction Club under Ms. Chika and Art Club by Ms. Jo. He has become a lot more sociable and just happier in general. We have truly enjoyed our experience here and highly recommend it to any parent.


We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful school for my children and we appreciate it more than words can say. Tsz Ning has gone through so many positive changes and we know that a lot of it is due to your loving guidance. The difference you are making is so meaningful to us. She will come back to Woodland Sai Kung and say goodbye to you all later. 

Rose Bergis

I had two children at Woodland Beachside. At first I was charmed by the space, the Repulse Bay school has a view out to sea and the amazing decoration has everything to make the kids want to stay including an ice-cream van and beach huts. One of the real assets of this school is Miss Tracey, the Head of School, always welcoming everybody outside the school, having a contagious smile and a nice word for every child, depending on the personality of each of them.  She is also the one bringing a festive spirit in the school, organising outdoor or charity events that allow the parents to be with their kids and to get to know the other parents too. 

How not to end with the quality of the teaching. The big international schools would let you know that a child from Woodland would pass easily those stressful assessments for kids to join Reception/Year 1. That’s what happened to our daughter who was able to join the international stream of an International school. My two kids just left Beachside last summer, they had amazing pre-school years, surrounded by joy and kindness. 

Wendy & Vincent Chou

We are grateful to the love and care Silas has received from every single one of you. He's so eager to go to school every day and he always shares with us a lot of happy moments he has had with his favorite teachers, Ms. Myla and Ms. Winifred!

We have all our trust on teachers and you, Miss Angela who has been providing an excellent education to my two boys during the crucial stage of their development. Once again, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the staff at Woodland Sai Kung in nurturing our boys in the previous years.

Danielle Buckley

You will be hard pressed to find a learning environment that is as fun, caring and as educational as this. Our daughter has been at Woodland Beachside for two years and we could not have asked for more. Ms. Tracey is the heart of the school and from the welcome each morning to the individual photos they thought you might like to see, your child is treated like of their own. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a home away from home. 

Chih & Patrick Hale

It is with the fondest memories and well wishes that we part with Woodland Montessori Academy. I have only the highest regards for the teachers and staff and will recommend without hesitation to anyone expressing interest in your facility. In particular, I would like to thank Miss Tita for being my little boy’s confidante and role model, and Ms. Lisa for performing her magic bringing Samuel from a non-speaker to a confident Mandarin “singer”. The two teachers and children make the Mallards a happy place my son looks forward to joining every morning. I know he will sorely miss his Woodland family and will forever be a proud Mallard. Thank you and the office staff for all you do, being an early years educator is the hardest and the most important job in the world, and you all make it look effortless. 

Lina Fang

Today, I spent almost 40mins in class with Giselle and Gianna and I found that they have learnt so much from their class. I was so impressed to see them starting to become more independent and made friends. Giselle was able to follow most of Ms. Laura’s instructions and the most important thing was that I can see them enjoy coming to school! I would like to say Thank You to all the teachers and staff. You guys have done such a wonderful job and we really like Woodland Sai Kung!

Stella Lei 

Tristan has learned a great deal and picked up some important life skills and thank all the staff at Woodland for that. In fact we had such a good experience with Woodland Sai Kung that we will register Tristan’s younger brother, Brandon, to attend Woodland. Thank you once again and may you continue to bring joy to all the children at Woodland. 

Sushmita Chandrawat

I take this opportunity to thank you and the entire team at Woodland Kennedy Town for the great learning & support provided to my son. We sincerely appreciate the fantastic teachers, staff & curriculum at Woodland. Aarav is going to miss his lovely school.

Yao Amber LI, Ph.D.

Woodland Sai Kung is a wonderful school and the Head of School was very kind to every student. Thank you very much for offering such wonderful learning environment, and my daughters really enjoyed their classes! 

Anne Pang

Following our great experience with Woodland Scenic Villa and at Wah Fu (Woodland Pokfulam) with our elder son Samuel, we are so pleased that Matthew gets to spend his early years at Woodland Kennedy Town amongst a wonderful team of staff and his little friends. Excellent work by the Woodland Kennedy Town team. Thank you all so much. For sure he'll miss it all when he leaves.

Kira Matus

Thank you again for a great playgroup and transitional experience at Woodland Sai Kung. You have a fabulous team, and Miss Laura has been warm and wonderful - perfect for my son for these past 12+ months. 

Judy Xie 

Both my husband and I want to sincerely thank you and all the great teachers and staff at Woodland Kennedy Town.  Thank you so much for taking care of Zenolia starting from her at 9 months. Thank you so much for all the guidance, patience and inspiration you gave to Zenolia.  It's been such a great experience and glorious memory for Zenolia! We are very happy that Zenolia enjoyed the school and loves her teachers so much! We all had a good time during the days in Woodland Kennedy. It's been a great journey, and Lars has made remarkable progress in English through such a short time there. Your school is amazing! 

Kelly and Colman Ho

In the 2 years since Sheila attended Woodland Sai Kung, she enjoyed her time and showed remarkable improvements in terms of habits, etiquette and confidence in interacting with others. Kelly and I, on behalf of Sheila as well, want to thank you and all teachers at the school for your kind guidance, and more importantly your genuine care for Sheila, we are much obliged.

Donald Yee

Dakota is approaching the final week of school in Woodland Sai Kung and we all feel a sense of sorrow at her leaving Woodland at the height of what we had perceived to be her sense of belonging there. To be honest, her education at Woodland had surpassed all of our expectations and your education system is as close to perfect as any parent could possibly hope for. In fact the only sense of regret, ironically, would be that Dakota would compare her upcoming school experience with Woodland, which is something that is extremely hard to surpass. 

Speaking from our hearts, Monique and I would really want to thank you and to all the teachers whom Dakota has come across in Woodland. We felt that Woodland has been instrumental in helping Dakota discover her passion for learning, social skills and confidence.  Today we had met Dakota's classmates during a birthday celebration. All the parents were in unison at the wonders of what Woodland had produced. I know that Dakota will miss her classmates and teachers. As her parent and one who had only been involved remotely, I know I will miss Woodland too.

Fredrik Lindell 

After screening twenty-three different preschools, we were delighted and excited to find Woodland Harbourside. They combine a warm and embracing academic atmosphere with an exceptional willingness to find the best solutions for their individual students. 

We are very pleased with our daughter's progress during the year; the friends she has made, and her new skills in writing, reading and Mandarin. Having been in Hong Kong for almost a decade, we can testify that it indeed is very rare to find this blend of academic professionalism and deep-felt attention to the need of every child in their care - it is easy to put as a mission statement, but another thing altogether to deliver on it every day. We can wholeheartedly recommend them! Thank you to the School Heads Jannyne and Michelle, and to the many teachers (e.g. the wonderful Miss Priya) for a great year! See you after the summer!

Tiffany Wong

It was a tough decision for us to leave Woodland Sai Kung. We do love your school, the teaching team at your school, which is the reason Harris has been staying here since his early stage. We will definitely recommend your school to our friends. 

Stephen Kennedy

This is quite overdue but I wanted to thank you for all the good times at Woodland Caine Road for both Lizzy and Anna. I’m glad to report that Lizzy and Anna are getting on well at their school in Shanghai. I’m also very glad to say that Lizzy managed to get into the Perse Pelican school in Cambridge for next year, so kudos to you and all your colleagues for all the stimulation and development that helped that happen!  There was quite a bit of competition, so it’s a great relief. All the best.

Donald and Monique Yee

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our most sincere thanks to you and the teaching team at Woodland Sai Kung for making Dakota's schooling term over the past 6 months such a delight and a great learning experience. Dakota constantly tells us how much she loves attending Woodland! Thank you so much once again.

Anna Mowbray

I just wanted to say how impressed we are with Woodland Sai Kung, the care you are giving to Maile and our family really goes far. We are incredibly grateful to you and all your teachers. You have an amazing team, one you can be incredibly proud of as you have built a fantastic culture!

Jenny and George Choy

We would like to give special thanks to you and the teachers at Woodland Harbourside. Both our sons, Nicholas and Alex, spent 2 years at the school and they had such a wonderful time and experience growing, exploring and learning in a family-friendly environment. The teachers were experienced and caring which was important to us and also attentive to children's needs. In addition, there was never any problem with communication between us and the school and the teachers. We were consistently kept informed of our sons' accomplishments, their progress and concerns (if any).  It was nice to always receive a warm reception from the teaching team and especially Michelle who is always smiling to the parents and kids. 

We are impressed to see both our sons showing more confidence, having enthusiasm for all things and greater interest in learning. Every day after school, they come home with happy faces saying how much fun they had at Woodlands. We believe it is your school that has helped make our sons become well-rounded and eager-to-learn individuals. The fact that Nicholas and Alex love and enjoy school is a testament to you all. We thank you and your team of great teachers and staff. Nicholas and Alex still miss your school! 

Nick Bousfield 

Charlie has loved being at Woodlands and we have been extremely happy with everything that Woodland Sai Kung has provided and offered him. I have no doubt that he will miss Woodlands and Raffi will miss him being there at the same time.

Alice Keswick

Woodland Beachside has been such a joyful experience not just for our daughter, but for all of us. Tracey and her incredible team could not be more welcoming, smiley and kind, as well as understanding what every child's needs are from the get-go. The place itself is wonderfully spacious and full of light, with everything a child could ever want to play with! And we found the style of teaching to be extremely professional but also gentle at the same time, the children always having fun with every new exercise or area of learning. Coco particularly loved the Wet n' Wild days and time spent running around on the beach… Where else can you do this at a nursery school?! It is the dream. 

Puja Khanna

Hope you are doing good! Kalash has resumed school and I finally get to write to you. In her entire 7 weeks of summer vacations, she enjoyed the most at Woodland Sai Kung. She came back home happy, content and excited for the next day. I would like to thank you and all the teachers who help the kids enjoy their time as well as learn so much. 

Pippa and Justin Newbold

Our boys have absolutely loved Woodland Sai Kung and we have been very happy with the school. It will be very sad for us to say goodbye.

Betty Cassandro

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for the brilliant work you've done for our children. You all have been so supportive in helping Beatrice to reach her milestones. Thank you for making Woodland a safe and friendly environment for her to explore and grow. We are truly grateful. Beatrice had a wonderful time at Woodland Sai Kung and we are certain that we will be back to visit sometime, especially when Emanuele is ready for playgroup. Thanks again for your outstanding work and efforts.

Catherine Wong

We have truly enjoyed Woodland Beachside from the day we started our Rollers trial class and believe Woodland is the role model of all Hong Kong schools. The class duration and format is very age appropriate. We love the safe, fun and caring environment at Woodland, which is made possible by the teaching team (We love Ms. Rona!). The toys are of such good quality! We also appreciate the honest feedback from the Head of School.  It is indeed amazing to see how much Mikayla has learned by just having fun at Woodland!

Mr. Thorpe 

Can I take this opportunity to express our enormous thanks for the care and support you and your team has shown to my son and ourselves over the last 6 months. We have all thoroughly enjoyed our interaction with the school and he has truly flourished. He never stops talking about Mr. Andy and has clearly learned a great deal from him. I am hugely impressed by Woodland Sai Kung

Jason Wells

Head of School Tracey and the team at Woodland Beachside were very welcoming and quick to integrate our daughter into Stepping Stones. We have seen her grow and develop her skills quickly and appreciated the regular updates on her progress. We enjoyed participating in some of the regular activities. 

The Yeung Family

Our daughter, Alicia, graduated from the Ladybirds class this year (2017) after three great years of bilingual pre-school education at the Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori. She made plenty of friends at school and was fond of her teachers from Miss Beverley of the Playgroup class to Miss Jeannie and Angel Lao Shi of the Ladybirds Pre-School class. 

Alicia was allowed to develop at her own pace, and her individual personality respected. The school promotes diversity, with important national and religious days celebrated with fun and educational activities. The school, with excellent facilities and bright airy classrooms, is organised and well-run by Kavita. There are also various extra-curricular activities to choose from (Alicia enjoyed her time as a “Little Chef”). 

We appreciated the weekly individual updates online, showing how Alicia developed during the week with explanations and photos of the Montessori themed activities she had engaged in. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces again as our son has recently begun his own journey with the school, and we can’t recommend Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori Pre-School highly enough.

Eric Der Alexanian

I really admire the aunties work. It's great to be able to let the kids get messy, and then discover a neat and clean classroom when we're back. And by the way, everyone is so nice and professional in Woodland Sai Kung.

Holly and Marc Parich

In the two years at Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori, our son, Kachin, has grown tremendously in knowledge, confidence and social skills thanks to Woodland's nurturing, loving, and talented team.  Kachin formed strong attachments to his teachers and looked forward to seeing them every day. Woodland has provided him with strong building blocks for reading, mathematics, and Mandarin in a fun and loving environment, and has helped deepen his curiosity and desire to learn more. We could not be more pleased with Kachin's experience.

Leslie Belicha

We couldn't have imagined a better place than Woodland Montessori Repulse Bay for our children to begin their 'formal education'. Thanks to your loving and dedicated teachers whose patience, energy and enthusiasm helped to develop their social skills and confidence, and a top-notch program, it has been a place of nurturing, fun, blossoming spirits and precious friendships formed.

Each of our children has emerged from their years there radiant, excited about school and confident in themselves. Moreover, the multicultural environment fosters an understanding and appreciation of different cultures preparing them for today's multi-ethnic societies. A big thank you to you all for making their first school experience so special.

Louise Read

Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori has been a nurturing and fun start to my daughter’s education. The environment is very caring and the education feels very tailored to individual strengths of the children. My son is also having a wonderful time in the all Mandarin class and I'm looking forward to my third starting in a couple of year’s time!

April Johansee

Thank you for such a great school year! All my kids love going to Woodland Harbourside and they've had a great year. It's always so nice to see you whenever I go to the school. We will miss you and Harbourside so much. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication and for making school such a wonderful experience for my kids this year. Have a wonderful summer!

Peta Rene, Isaac and Mackenzie Prior

Both of my beautiful children have thoroughly enjoyed their time learning, making friendships and gaining the skills they needed for the next step in their school life. Thank you so very much to Michelle and all the wonderful and caring team at Woodland Harbourside who made this happen. 

Jessica, Steve, Ziva and Asher Copstone

We just wanted to say a huge and heartfelt thank you for all you have done to help successfully transition Asher and Ziva into school life at Woodland Harbourside. Getting them settled in their new school was always going to be a big part of helping them to feel more settled with life in Hong Kong generally, and with your help we have achieved that. Thank you for your unwavering patience, understanding, kindness, flexibility and support, as well as an ever-ready smile. We are hugely grateful to you for that.

Nathalie Vieira Bastiou 

We arrived in Hong Kong in April 2016, my two children have both joined the Woodland Harbourside as it had been recommended by a friend. I could not thank her enough for having introduced me to the school. Despite putting the kids through a major life change moving to another country, it felt like nothing had really happened. My daughter has always been very shy and quite insecure, I still have tears in my eyes now when I see how far she came thanks to the help, live and support the teacher have given her. She is now a very confident little girl ready to embrace a new beginning in primary school. Thank you so much to the entire Woodland Harbourside team! You guys rock!

John Cartwright 

I would recommend Woodland Beachside to all parents without hesitation. The facilities, teachers, support team and environment are all wonderful. Our son developed immeasurably during his year there. It was really great preparation for kindergarten. His listening and reasoning skills, and his ability to focus on activities by himself improved particularly. A really great experience! 

Sam Growdon

How to begin describing what a warm and amazing school Woodland Beachside is! Our son, Thomas, has been at the school since August 2015. The school, the teachers and Tracey have been wonderful in his development. The physical environment is beautifully appointed with tons of light and space and so many fun things to keep the kids' imaginations active, coupled with structured play and teachers who encourage learning though play, the school is a safe, warm and nurturing place to encourage learning and confidence in our little people to helping them form into amazing big people.

Shan Yu

My son and I love Woodland Beachside school. When my son first came to the school, he is not familiar with the English language and he is very quiet. Within 4 months, he is very happy to go to school, saying good morning to the teachers greeting him along the way and playing very well with his classmates. In the nurturing environment of Woodland, he is building confidence and making progress every day. The teachers prepare carefully each day different programs and activities to let the children learn through play. The teachers employ drawing, singing,  art &craft to help the children learn in a creative way. I would recommend this school to all my friends.

Monica Torres

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Woodland Beachside and especially to Ms. Megan, Ms. Cindy, Ms. Dawn, Ms. Rona and Ms. Suk for those 2 wonderful years my daughter joined your school. Alexandra is attending Summer Camp in Majorca and she says Ms. Megan and Ms. Cindy are not in the new school and so she wants to come back to HK, she misses her favourite teachers, her amazing classmates and her nice school near the sea with this wonderful sunlight of Repulse Bay Beach. I hope I will find a school like yours for Alexandra wherever we are. Thank you and please stay as you are!

Tori Kelly

We had the good fortune to be part of the Beachside Community for three years. Both my daughter and son had such a wonderful experience at Woodland Beachside and greatly benefited from their time there. It is such a warm and welcoming place and I would strongly recommend it for any family on the Southside. I almost want to have more children so that we can keep going there! 

Selena Wu

I would like to thank you, the teachers and the school for doing a great job the past few years. I had 2 children go through Woodland Caine Road, Sarah in Barn Owls (2014-2015) and Stephanie AM Caterpillars (2016-2017). 

You've kept a tight ship running, and I've never had much to worry about. Communication with the school has always been great, I always enjoyed the events and celebrations in school (there was always wine!), and most importantly, my girls were always happy going to school. 

I also want to commend Stephanie's Ccaterpillars teachers, Wu lao shi and You lao shi. They have been such caring teachers, taking care of Stephanie when she first entered as a tiny, short 3-year-old. I know they're loving to her as Steffie will tell me that the teachers would hug her if she cried. From my observation over the years at the class parties and outings, I knew they always looked out for each and every child and were always kind to them. 

Not only that, Wu Lao Shi and You Lao Shi patiently taught and stretched Stephanie slowly, such that from a kid who didn't know any letter/numbers, she's now able to recognise at least 20 Chinese words and confident with her counting. I know my kid, it's not easy to teach her, but they did it! 

Stephanie also loved her PM Bunny Rabbits class and always looked forward to her lunch sessions. All in all, kudos to your team in Woodlands. Your tireless work and effort is appreciated. 

Martina & Christoffer Sellin

From our first visit to Woodland Beachside we have been so happy with everything they've provided. Tracey introduced us in a warm and welcoming way and the newly renovated space spoke to us immediately: providing lots of light and a creative, clean and inviting area for play. We basically had to pull Alva out of there when leaving. 

Everything from the teachers, the environment, the activities and the learning are of very high standards. Whenever we have been needing support, an answer to any of the many questions, or a flexible solution to something, there has always been room for that. The school offers a great sense of community and both our daughters have consistently liked coming there. 

Aside from all the "needs to have" Beachside also walks the extra mile to let the kids experience fun activities outside of the normal curriculum such as holiday celebrations, theme days, field trips, etc., so there is never a dull moment. We would highly recommend this loving atmosphere for the younger children. Thank you Tracey and your great team!

Mérvé & David Sävman 

Woodland Beachside - A warm, individual and balanced approach that creates the perfect feeling of children wanting to go there in the morning and eager to come to tell about the day in the afternoon.

Drew and Beth

Shortly after arriving in Hong Kong, we met with Tracey at Woodland Beachside. She is cheerful, knows every child's name and responsive to every question we had. We knew instantly it was the place for our son, Miles. Beachside has such a positive and loving atmosphere. Being new, we wanted him to meet friends and have a sense of community. And Beachside has done just that. It is a pleasure to drop our son off knowing he is in such capable hands. Ms. Jovy and Ms. Charmaine are engaging, kind and loads of fun. Our son is happy. What more could a parent want? 

Mariana DeWin

From the day my children (Leo 4 and Selina 2) first entered Woodland Beachside I have never seen them happier. They absolutely love going to Beachside and learning new things every day. The school is making such a great effort of engaging each and every child and giving them so much love and care. It’s amazing to have so many options in terms of club activities. All the children are engaged on so many levels in a very natural and nurturing way. I couldn’t speak more highly of Beachside and my son who is off to Kellett will miss it a lot. 

Julia Smart

We loved our experience at Woodland Beachside, three of our children attended Beachside and all had such positive experiences. Not only does it provide a great age-appropriate education for the early years, it is nurturing and above all a happy place the children love to visit. 

The team are so caring and clearly love being with the children. In a transient place such as Hong Kong it is comforting that a couple of the teachers that taught our now 12-year-old daughter are still there today teaching our four year old. Thank you Beachside for the gift you have given our children of such a positive start to their education. We are sad now that our journey with you and our young children is now complete. 

Karin & Matt Ferrari

Woodland Beachside has been an amazing experience for Arianna. We have seen her development and independence grow throughout the past year and a half. She is always excited to go to school and has gained great confidence in herself. She has improved both fine and gross motor skills. 

Arianna has some special needs and Woodland has been more than helpful and willing to work with her and our family to keep her included with her typical piers. We could not be more thankful for all your hard work!

Heather and Mark Ring

We couldn’t be more pleased with the preschool education Woodland Beachside provided for our son Zachary.  He has emerged a confident, creative, sporty, social, empathetic boy who can engage with all types of children. He was appropriately exposed to the academic foundation he needs to thrive in Year 1 this autumn and returned home nearly daily with beautiful, creative artwork. We will miss the warm welcomes from Head of School Miss Tracey each morning, the colorful beachy theme of the school and the highly capable, engaged teachers.

Brian, Vicki and Eli Moss

Eli's time at Woodland Caine Road was very special to him and us. It was fascinating seeing him grow from a little tot to a confident, inquisitive boy. He loved all his teachers and how they stimulated him. We can only hope he is as lucky in his future education. A big big thank you from Vicki and I and of course Eli!

Dr. Douglas West

Hugo has had a very wonderful and enriching experience at Woodland Montessori Academy, for which we are enormously grateful. In particular, we have really appreciated the very high standard of teaching, dedication and passion shown by all his teachers during his time with you - so a very big thank you!

Ryan, Winsome and Eddie

Dear Mr Western, administration team and educators at Woodland Pokfulam Pre-School, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the last two years that Edward has spent with you. He has progressed in leaps and bounds and has loved every minute spent at your fine institution. You have been patient, understanding and supportive (especially with us, his parents) every step of the way. 

Ben & Sarah

I want to say thank you to you and all the teachers that have looked after both James and Emily over their time at Woodland Sai Kung. We have all loved being part of the school and I know James will miss you all as he starts a new chapter in his life at primary school. You have created a wonderful atmosphere for the children and we could not have been happier with the work you did with them over the years. Thanks to all the teachers that have worked with both Emily and James.

Riku & Raquel Mattila

We absolutely love Woodland Sai Kung and the team. Alex has thrived since attending! I recommend it to all my friends who are looking for a great pre-school experience. Thank you again for everything you have done to shape Alex's future. 

P.S. Alex really enjoyed his birthday party today! 

Susanne Taylor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Angela and the team at Woodland Sai Kung for your care of Eliza during the last 3 years. Elize has gained a lot of self-confidence and knowledge from her time in your school, and she has always enjoyed her time there. She has been particularly fond of all her class teachers and I think this is testament to their characters and the time they take to build bonds with their students. I am sure she will miss her classes, and look back fondly on her time there. 

Marne Fletcher

Woodland Sai Kung has been a great home to our 5 year old daughter this past year. Coming in to our first year in Hong Kong brought a lot of changes, but we were so happy to see her quickly adjust as she was welcomed warmly by teachers and friends at school. It eased the transition for our entire family. Angela is a warm and welcoming face every morning for the kids. Ms.Christie is always happy to see her kids and works closely with them in thoughtful activities. We have really felt so happy to have Woodland as part of our lives this year!  Thank you for a wonderful woodlands experience Angela and Christie!

Beverly Bollozos

Aerin will be starting at Hong Kong Academy in the new school year. We have been very happy with her progress at Woodland Sai Kung, her learning has really blossomed during her one year stint there!Marne Fletcher

Yolanda Cao

Frank has enrolled in Woodland Kennedy Town since the opening in the summer 2015. Growing from a 8-month-old baby to a 2.5-year-old boy, he got significant progress in both physical and mental development under the guide and help of the teachers in Woodland Kennedy Town. They have always been very patient and warm-hearted, no matter when teaching Frank or communicating with parents. 

We appreciate the great efforts of every teacher and every supporting team in the past two years. Many thanks for their caring and love that were given to Frank. Frank will start his K1 study in another school from August. I'm sure he will miss the happy time in WKT. And we will follow the course information of Woodland with interest and join the holiday programme. My family and I wish the WKT team all the best!

Tony Chaisit

Your school has done its job more than admirably. We have been extremely happy with the progress that James has made at Woodland Sai Kung and it's credit to yourself and the teaching team for providing such a pleasant learning environment for the kids to progress and flourish. We now look forward to having Daniel follow in James's footsteps with you. Once again many thanks Angela. 

Jacqueline Ng

Starting from June 2014, both Julia and Marcus have been attending Woodland Montessori Repulse Bay for nearly 3 years. We thank you, the teaching team for your caring and leading. Our children have enjoyed a wonderful school time in their early learning life and we will always remember that Woodland Montessori Pre-School is where they start their school time in life. Wishing you and the dedicated team all the best.

Jaana Harris 

Just a little note to say thanks so much for everything over the last two years. Noah has flourished at your preschool, learnt so much and become a confident little boy. Thank you.

Rochelle Martin

I just wanted to let you know that Amy was accepted to the Kindergarten class at HK Academy. We are really excited about it but I know Amy loves her Crickets class so much that she doesn't quite share our enthusiasm yet! I'm sure it's the caring and warm environment at Woodland Sai Kung that helped her confidence in the group assessment. I'm amazed at Amy's progress in reading too! She's really enjoying reading the phonics books to me in the evenings and she's even started reading them to her little brother. Her attitude towards school has totally changed since starting at Woodlands. I know she can be a handful sometimes but Ms Kristi is doing a great job! Thanks again for your help with Amy.

Feeney Family

We finally finish a great experience last 6 years with Woodland Sai Kung. All my 3 children had wonderful teachers and friends through your school and I appreciate your hard work effort. Always nice to see you welcoming kids and parents. We will all miss you!

Adrian Reese

Sienna has really enjoyed the school and we have been very pleased with her development and support from Woodland Sai Kung. I am sure the experience will help her to transition into her new school in New York. Thanks!

Sonia Martori

It has been very nice and a great experience to be part of the Woodland Family, with both Erik and Gustav, they and we had a great time and they met their first friends in Hong Kong here at the Sai Kung Pre-School, so they will for sure have it always in their heart.

Martyn Allison and Vicki Thompson

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the team at Woodland Montessori Acadamy on Caine Road for everything they did for our daughter in the two years that she attended. She is now attending one of the UK’s best independent girls’ schools and credit is due to Ellie and her teachers at Woodland for her gaining a place there.

It is very hard to find a good pre-school that meets parents’ high standards and expectations, so it was without doubt truly amazing that we found such a great place for our daughter to have the best start in life. She enjoyed every day at Woodland and learnt so much in a nurturing, fun environment. We loved walking her to school to be met so enthusiastically, and at the end of the day she would skip home telling us everything that had happened that day. Talking to the team every day, they became not just our daughter’s teachers, but our friends who were committed to her best interests and development.

We have sadly left Hong Kong and we miss Woodland deeply. If we had remained, we would definitely have taken our son to Woodland. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

Chris and Catherine Lusher

Picking a pre-school can feel random, weird and difficult. They aren’t all the same. You go to a few and sit there feeling peculiar. Your child curls into you. It can feel staged; overly euphoric and giddy, and the kids sense this. However, after a few of these experiences, we finally discovered Woodland Montessori Academy on Caine Road. We met Ellie upon walking in, and from the get-go she alleviated all of our concerns. Most memorably, however, was that we watched smiling kids running up to her, hugging her legs, and her calling each of the kids by their names. This was a great example of why the school works and children love it: the team and teachers really care about each child. 

Six years on our experience with Woodland is that it has never let us - and most importantly, our children - down. It is an excellently administered and operated school, which has boldly committed back to its students and parents in its investment into building a world-class environment. Whilst becoming even safer, more hi-tech, it has still maintained its friendly and nurturing character. Pre-school actually is about letting go of your preconceptions and objectives as parents and letting professionals help facilitate your child’s social learning skills. They learn and gain confidence when they are given freedom, feel safe, and are given clear guidelines. Happy to report that we’ve now had both of our (very different) children progress through Woodland and both have loved it. We believe Woodland has played a major part in both of them attaining places in an excellent primary school.

Connie Chan

It has really been a wonderful experience with Woodland Sai Kung for the past 3.5 years! I appreciate very much all that has been given from the school, including the support, care and warm welcoming to the parents every time we stop by. Please give my best regards to all the the teachers and staffs! My regards also to Driver Chow and Kitty! Have a wonderful year ahead! Big Hugs!!!

David and Yasmin Liu

Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori has provided the highest standard of pre-school education for our son Dominic who has grown and progressed over the years starting at Playgroup, moving to Stepping Stones, then onto Pre-School. The teachers and support team have been instrumental to Dominic's learning and development given they have the perfect combination of skills: nurturing, discipline, academic and instilling values. Dominic is more than ready for the next phase in his school life, kindergarten, and this would not have been possible without his teachers, fellow classmates and experience at Woodland. 

Trina O’Hara

Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori is a bright, stimulating space filled with colour and warmth. You can tell the school is full of energy and exuberance. Not only is the Montessori Programme excellent in its discovery approach, I continue to marvel at how the teachers differentiate the learning for each and every student in the class every day.

Every Friday parents are furnished with an online account of the progress of individual child. The photographs show a richness and breadth of experiences. There is a clearly mapped out curriculum each month, so we as parents can feed into the topics/areas of learning at home. I also love how the school marks many cultural events celebrated around the world, making it a global learning environment. I can’t ask more from a school. I am truly happy my child has made her start here.

Marie Claire Lim Moore

It has been a pleasure and privilege to be part of the Woodland community. The knowledge and care our children experienced from the teaching team at Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori were second to none. The warm welcome we received from fellow parents made the transition to Hong Kong a smooth one for my entire family.

Jessica Loffredio

My son Christopher started at the Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori as a clingy 2.5 year old. He will finish his time there as a confident 4 year old - ready to read and write. His progress has been tremendous, and I attribute much of that to the wonderful teachers he has had over the past two years. Not only is he ready to read and write, he has learned about manners, table settings, self-sufficiency, ecosystems, the food chain, the solar system and friendships. My husband and I are so grateful to the fantastic teachers and team here who have really readied our son for primary school next year. We are confident he has a strong foundation for learning after his time in the Repulse Bay Montessori programme! 

The Hornungs

When our family arrived in Hong Kong right before the school year, we were desperate for a helping hand in educating our pre-school daughters. Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori not only extended that hand of help, but enriched our daughters’ lives in ways we could not have imagined.  The structure, methods, and teachers were all excellent and made us feel so lucky to have chosen Woodland.  

On top of that, having access to a Montessori system just down the road made our start in Hong Kong so much easier. It kept our daughters on track from their education in the US and made our move a breeze. The programme at Woodland gives parents great opportunities to be involved and the team provided the structure and compassion to make our daughters successful. The Woodland experience also gave our daughters a real advantage in getting accepted at a number of international primary schools.

Dahai Wang

We would like to say thank you very much to you, Jessica and Bettina for your great help to Emma in the past year. We appreciate your hard work very much. We wish your and Woodland Happy Valley all the best in the future.

Mr. Iwakura

I find Ayaka getting better at speaking English every day. I believe that she had a wonderful experience at Woodland Happy Valley and hope that she has a similar experience in Japan in the coming years.

Mrs. Gupta

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire team of Woodland Happy Valley for all the help and guidance during the formative years of Rishaan and Dia. 

Mrs. Chan

Thank you very much Woodland Happy Valley for taking care of Vivi for over 2 years and always giving me good advice each time we meet.

Mrs. Howse

I want to write and thank you for all you've done with Eleanor while she has been with Woodland! Woodland Happy Valley is an excellent pre-school.

Tracy Ling

Jacqueline does enjoy her time at Woodland Happy Valley. Thank you very much for all the brilliant efforts.

Elizabeth Yuan

My almost 4 year-old has blossomed over the last two years at Woodland Repulse Bay Montessori.  Her teachers have been gentle and patient and have also encouraged her to take risks.  Every night at dinner, I ask my daughter to share her ‘rose’ (the best part of her day) - and her rose is consistently ‘school’!

Melina Bousseau

We have been impressed by the dedication of the teachers and the management team of Woodland Montessori Academy over the past 2.5 years. You can feel that they are really passionate about childhood development and they are creating the perfect environment for children to learn and grow but more importantly have fun at the same time. We were regularly kept informed about our daughter’s evolution and we are grateful for their guidance along the way. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Woodland very much for what has been a great 2.5 years for Ines. We will definitely miss Woodland, the teachers, the friends and Ms. Ellie!

Joanna West

Very proud to say that both of my boys are Woodland Mid-Levels alumni. It was the best possible start to their education: a caring and nurturing environment with a wonderful community feel. The facilities were world class and they were exposed to a fantastic breadth of experiences there. Lovely teaching team, a caring and personal Head of School - what more could you want?

Ayla and Maia

Dear Mr. Mark, thank you for all your help while we've been at Woodland Pokfulam. We have loved going to school here and we will miss you. Hope you have a lovely summer. Love from Ayla and Maia. XOXO.

Celine and Daniel Crittenden

Best school in Hong Kong! It has been a wonderful 2 years with Woodland Pokfulam, thank you very much for your support, your patience and all the teaching for us parents and for Climere and Amelien. Special thanks to Ms. Murshed, Ms. Jo, Ms. Pree and Ms. Cherry and Mr. Mark. 

James Wu

I want to thank you and your team for providing such an excellent learning environment for Jayden. He has an amazing time here at Woodland Pokfulam!

Martyn and Anne Dore

Louie has loved his year at Woodland Pokfulam Pre-School and you have our sincere thanks for providing him with a safe and enjoyable environment in which to learn.

Stephen Druce

I'd like to thank Woodland Pokfulam and the teaching team for the commitment and affection they have shown to Scarlett. She has certainly grown during her time there and I would recommend this pre-school to any future parents.

Mauro Malta

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all the teachers at Woodland Pokfulam for the kindnesss and guidance to Sveva during the pre-school life. Your tender loving care is much appreciated.

Karen Ng and William Yeng

We would like to thank you and all teachers and team that have taught, helped, guided and nurtured her since she started with Woodland Pokfulam at 18 months old. She has enjoyed going to school every day and returns home happy and smiling with lots of stories to tell. We sincerely thank you for this.

Raymond Ip

We are so proud of the way Jayden has grown. We know that he needs a lot of learning, with your guidance we are confident that he will improve and learn more things from Woodland. Thank you to all the teachers and the principal of Woodland!

Philippe El-Asmar

Roy loves to go to Woodland every day! Thank you so much for teaching!

Mrs. Teng

I am so pleased to find out Mark's progress at Woodland this past year. Thank you for your guidance, dedication and patience towards Mark. He has certainly grown and gained tremendously under the environment at Woodland. Likewise, Mark and I will miss this fabulous school and all the teachers whom he has fondly endeared to!

Myung Joo and Soo-Jung Lee

One of the first thing that we noticed from Chan is his eagerness to initiate and do new things, whether it be playing with toys or friends. This came as a surprise to us, since Chan was rather shy when he was younger, not too eager to play in groups, but his attitude has changed immensely. I think this mainly due to his attendance in your school. I would like to convey our greatest gratitude for your care. Chan is becoming more and more active and more attentive to his surroundings and has shown keen curiosity. His language skills and personality has progressed and I can tell that he is now able to communicate fairly fluently with his peers and adults. Thank you for your love and care Woodland!

Alice Chow

Thanks for preparing such a detailed report which enables us to understand more about Aiden's performance in class. Under your great teaching and guidance, Aiden enjoys learning and the school life at Woodland very much! Thanks a lot!

James O' Connor

We think that a lot of William's success can be credited to the fact he has such an excellent teacher. We will miss the comfort of such an excellent learning environment. Thank you!

Jerone and Elisabeth Delposen 

Julie has really enjoyed this year in school and made tremendous progress with Miss Urvi. Miss Urvi's commitment, her kindness and brilliant teaching has to be mentioned! Thank you to all Woodland team, teachers and support ones that have taken such good care of Julie in her 3 years with Woodland Caine Road!

Anuja S. Bathija

Over the past four years and 2 children, Woodland Montessori Academy, has provided a terrific backdrop for my children to form deep friendships, have great learning experiences and blossom into wonderful little people. The facilities are terrific; children's art on the walls, bright and cheerful rooms, and state of the art equipment. Woodland has the perfect combination of teachers with years of experience combined with cutting-edge facilities and resources. The teachers have been wonderfully nurturing, endlessly patient, genteel and focused on finding the right balance between learning and developing social skills for little ones. Thank you for the lovely memories created at the Mothers' Day events, Christmas concerts and birthdays! Here's wishing you the very best!

Gaëlle Lellouche

My daughter has spent three years at Woodland Montessori Academy on Caine Road. She has started in Playgroup then Stepping Stones and finally Pre-School for two years. My daughter has had a fantastic time at Woodland. As a parent I have been thrilled to see my little one becoming a very secure and happy child. She has learned so much but never with pressure. The teachers focused on letting the kids choose their own way of learning. For me it was so important especially in Hong Kong where the pressure is high for the children. I was also impressed to see how well the teachers understood each child and have a great respect for their unique personality. My daughter has loved going to school and she even complained of not having school on weekends! I truly think the first years of kindergarten are very important and Woodland has highly contributed to making my little one a very happy and curious learner. I know those qualities will help her keep on learning. So once again I'd like to thank all the teachers for doing such a wonderful job and for all their hard work!

Sachin Tulshyan

I would like to thank Ellie and her entire team at Woodland Montessori Academy for their support during Aarnav's early years. As parents, especially in a competitive place like Hong Kong, we're always worried about getting our kids into the right school. More often than not, we end up overdoing things, putting too much pressure on the little ones by sending them to multiple schools or "training centers", and in the process taking away the fun from the learning process. At Woodland, I was confident that Aarnav was in good hands and was getting a sound base for his further education. We were already seeing the best that we expected out of him and he was having a lot of fun in the process. He still wakes up enthusiastically every morning, eager to go to school. I'd thank Ellie and her team again and wish them best for the future.

Stuart & Arianne Cook

Preparing a child for primary school is an important task with the need to blend interactive play with a learning foundation. Like her sister Avril before her, Sophie has enjoyed her time at Woodland Montessori Academy. As parents we have seen Sophie develop into the young girl that we are proud of today and we recognise the important role that Woodland has played in her development.

Since her sister, Avril, attended Woodland 9 years ago, the school has been fantastically renovated and extended with superb play zones and excellent classrooms. Sophie was a lucky girl to have spent three wonderful years at the new, modernised Woodland. It is an impressive kindergarten and the teaching team is clearly highly skilled at teaching young children. Thank you for taking care of Sophie for the past three years. Woodland has done a wonderful job!

Jimmy & Janet Tong

We are grateful to Woodland Montessori Academy for teaching and caring for our son Josiah in these crucial early years of his education. Ms. Emma and Ms. Phoebe, who have been his teachers for the past two years, have created a joyful and stimulating environment and have always given us, as parents, constructive feedback. They have helped our son build and reinforce fundamental skills, confidence and independence. He is always happy and excited about going to school, and we know that the self-motivation and curiosity about the world that he has learned at Woodland will serve him well.

Laure & Bertrand Troiano

Our two daughters joined Woodland at their very young age (3 years old and 6 months old). Our experience with Woodland Montessori Academy has been very positive all along. The Head of School, Admin team and teachers are wonderful, professional and dedicated to their work and students. The friendly supportive environment offered means that students can learn and build their own independence before they face the new world of Primary School. We highly recommend Woodland as a high quality of education, very competent staff/teachers and a fabulous program. Thank you!

Dharmesh Vora

We wanted to share with you about Arshya who simply loves Ms. Nadia and Ms. Angie in the Beavers class. She has grown and learnt a lot under their guidance. So her time in Woodland Caine Road has been fantastic for her as well as for us since she joined Woodland as a toddler. We want to thank you, Ms. Ellie, and all her teacher’s (Ms, Candy, Ms. Dipti and now Ms. Nadia and Ms. Angie) for creating an amazing learning environment for Arshya at Woodland.

Eva Anker Lund 

Our 2nd child has now "graduated" from Woodland, and once again we see a confident and strong little boy leaving Woodland, ready to embrace the new world of primary school. This time around, we have been blessed with having Charne as the class teacher, and she has completely blown us away. Not only by the way we see her daily when managing the classroom, her flexibility, and her willingness to walk the extra mile for both the parents and the children. She has gone out of her way to accommodate our requests in many different ways. But the grand finale came, when we attended the parent/teacher meeting and Charne gave us such an in-depth analysis of Laust, his skills, which teaching methodology she had used, why it fitted well for him and how he had absorbed it. I have never had such a professional conversation with any teacher before, it was very impressive.

At the same time, I would like to thank you for the highly professional way that you have always run the Woodland Harbourside school. It is very efficient, with a high level of information, service and responsiveness, and there is always attentive to any matter that a parent or student might have.

Katie and Phil Pemberton 

We have been so impressed with Woodland Harbourside over the last 4 years for both Sam and Lucy. They have both settled into the school so well and we have loved every minute of their time in your school. We would particularly like to highlight how impressed we are with Herdip; its been so lovely to see her smiling face each morning - she has been so wonderful with Lucy. It's clear to see that the children all love her. Keep up the good work! Thanks so much!

Mikael Holmgreen

I want to thank you for your flexibility and warm welcome of Valdemar to the Sai Kung Pre-School as well as Mrs. Rabia and her team's patience in teaching him English. Without a doubt, it was a good start for his new life in Hong Kong. I strongly recommend your school to everybody. 

Shiza Rajgarhia

I want to let you know that we have had such a wonderful time at Woodland Sai Kung, which is the perfect family school. Kaina has been one happy child and forced me to send her five extended days a week! I have seen her enjoy learning and become so independent. We are very happy Woodland Sai Kung Pre-School parents. Thank you for being so wonderful!

Edward Chow

The continuous support from Ms. Beverly, Ms. Kimmy and Lv Lao Shi paid off! I found this report encouraging in the sense that Bowie is improving in all areas. I'm very thankful for the patience displayed by the teachers allowing Bowie to excel and enjoy school at the same time. It took only 1 week after migration from Caine Road that Bowie addressed Woodland as 'Happy School'. I'm also grateful to Janet for believing both Bowie and myself can make it! The strive for ESF. The collective effort from Woodland made the Pre-School life of Bo a jolly and memorable one! Thank you so much!

Anna Quarrell and Christy Kilmartin

You and your school have been a huge help with providing a wonderful and nurturing education environment for Harry since his arrival in Hong Kong. The ideal learning environment has made him a very happy and confident boy in his transition to a new country. He has been very comfortable and happy with everything at Woodland Sai Kung and especially with his superb class teacher, Ms. Rabia. We thank you and your team very much for everything you have done to help us with this.

Sarah Kim

We have come to love Woodland Sai Kung, and all of Kian's teachers, We will miss all the friendly faces at Woodlands, and wish the friends and team that we have come to know will continue to stay in touch with us.

Emily Ng

Thank you very much for having my daughter, Michaela, since she was a baby. She had a memorable and happy school life at Woodland Sai Kung. A special thanks to Ms. Myla for her wonderful care!

Amber Wong

Our family has been SO blessed by your care - and that of the various teachers at Woodland Sai Kung.  I can't say thank you enough for introducing our boys to the love of learning.  We will have fond memories of our time with you.

Didi Wong

We're more than happy to promote Woodlands to other parents. All three of our children were well loved, cared for, and educated!

Edward & Zina Liu

We would like to thank you and all the teachers and support team at Woodland Sai Kung for the past 18 months that Zoe has attended. She has grown and discovered many things about herself and others around her, all due to the excellent work of the team at your school.  Above all, she has enjoyed her time there immensely and made many friends.

Julie Easen

Thank you to Woodland Sai Kung, in particular to Angela Chan for your wonderful support for our family. Angela has made our experience at Woodland a very happy one and we are sad to be leaving. Our son, Gaius has been very happy at the school and has grown and developed very well under Angela and his other teachers' guidance. We are impressed by Angela's professionalism and the way she handles her role as head of the school - Woodland is very lucky indeed to have her.

Aviva Cywie

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank you for everything you and your team have been doing for Emma, for Nathan and for us as a family since we moved to HK in September. Woodland Sai Kung has been the first point of contact of our new life in HK, and Emma and Nathan have been loving going to your school. Thanks a lot!

The Kwok Family

Chloe will be moving to Primary 1 at ESF Clearwater Bay School this summer. Our family really enjoyed being members of your school over the past few years. Chloe and Sunny love Woodland Sai Kung and all the teachers and aunties there. We truly believe that the wonderful and fruitful pre-school experience at Woodland builds a solid foundation for their life-long learning journey. We as parents also like Woodland so much as we are engaged to participate in various in-class or off-school activities. We would like to say BIG thank you to all of you, Miss Angela, Miss Myla, Miss Rabia, Miss Maggie, Miss Alice and Miss Sonia.

The Lai Family

We deeply love Woodland Harbourside, as you know, and loklok (Dinghies AM class) is fortunate to have all the opportunities to explore and understand the world through this school. We love all the teachers here too, particularly you, Jannyne. You are caring, energetic and you are so good to all the little kids. You know their needs well! Your response to our queries is also amazingly quick and helpful. Without you, the early school-life of loklok would not be so smooth and happy! I will not forget your beautiful and cheerful smile! Grandma and Grandpa would also like to express their gratitude towards all the teachers and helpers here.

The Chan Family

Thank you very much and Aiden has had a great time at Woodland Sai Kung. Aiden enjoys going to school very much and he likes all the people in the school. He also enjoys all the activities and field trips. He has learnt a lot of things in school.

Aiden had a very good interview with the KIS Principal by himself alone and we were just waiting outside. Aiden received the offer immediately after the interview. The KIS Principal showed us Aiden's written test result which is perfect and she said Aiden was good at conversation and he knew many things. She said we should be proud of Aiden. Of course Aiden's good performance is a reflection of Woodland's efforts. Again, thank you very much!

Peter Spencer

‘Emma and Julia...absolutely love going to Woodland Sai Kung and Emma even tells me that she wants to go to school when she is almost falling asleep at night. We get stories of school everyday. It's great as parents! Both of them are developing so quickly and I believe it is the quality of your organisation and teachers and your style of engagement with children that is making the difference. I look forward to seeing further progress and would love to join my wife the parents interview.’

Angela Bull

‘We have been very happy with Woodland Harbourside and the academic progress that Samuel continues to make. He has been very happy there and has made some good friends. On a personal note I have been so impressed with the team at the school and how it is run. In dealing with over 10 schools in Hong Kong over the last few months I can honestly say that Woodlands Harbourside was the most professional, friendly, efficient school that I dealt with. I think that some of the other schools here could really learn some lessons from how your school operates!’ 

The Hornung Family

When our family arrived in Hong Kong right before the school year, we were desperate for a helping hand in educating our pre-school daughters. Woodland Montessori Repulse Bay not only extended that hand of help, but enriched our daughters’ lives in ways we could not have imagined.  The structure, methods, and teachers were all excellent and made us feel so lucky to have chosen Woodlands.  On top of that, having access to a Montessori system just down the road made our start in Hong Kong kept our daughters on track from their education in the US and made our move so much easier.  The Woodlands program gives parents great opportunities to be involved and the team provided the structure and compassion to make our daughters successful.  The Woodlands experience gave our daughters a real advantage in getting accepted at a number of international primary schools too.

Heidi and Rob Peat

We have been so happy with our daughter, Charlotte attending the Montessori Academy She has been in the Dragonflies class and joined Prep for Primary for the second term. She has learned so much since the beginning of the year and continues to be excited about going to school every day. Charlotte’s teachers, Ms. Nisa and Ms. Tita are wonderful and patient and we could not be happier with Charlotte’s progress.

Leonor Vereda Ortiz

My two sons learned their third language with you and were capable of reading and writing simple English by the time they were four! This was thanks to the Montessori system which worked wonders for my children, and to the experience and support of their excellent teacher. We were very happy with the Montessori Repulse Bay school and recommend it without a doubt. The children made lots of friends (the youngest one invited his two teachers to his 4th birthday party!). They felt at ease, free, confident, and happy with you. Thank you.

Alison Whittle

Our son Rafa's first sports day was a big landmark in his little life - such a huge, fantastic sports ground (The Hong Kong Football Club) for such a little lad. At first he was a little intimidated by the scale of the grounds, but after Ms. Christine and Ms. May and all the other lovely teachers put him at ease and started the fabulous games he was living in the moment. A well organized and coordinated event - so much effort and love went into it!! A fabulous day and a fabulous school!

Lucy Gowdie

‘Our son arrived in Hong Kong from Australia very unsure of his new surrounds and incapable of expressing how he felt. We struggled with his behaviour and interaction with others and decided he needed greater socialisation and routine. Woodland Sai Kung provided our son with the most positive learning environment we could have ever asked for. The time, empathy and dedication your team showed our son was second to none. He thrived as a result of their support and understanding. All of his teachers worked tirelessly to help him learn to share, to learn and to love and we will be forever indebted to them for gifting him (and indeed us) with the best possible start to his educational journey. There is not one aspect of Woodlands Sai Kung that I would not recommend, they moved heaven and earth to ensure our Ted became the happy, confident and social young boy he is today.’ 

Katie Pemberton

Sam has loved his time at Woodland Harbourside and we are sure this is all down to Ms Jaspreet and Ms Herdip. Thank you so so much for your warmth and enthusiasm (and for putting up with his tantrums!!). We have taken great joy seeing Sam develop in the time he has been with you. If the rest of his education follows what he has had to date we will be very fortunate. HUGE thanks and keep doing what you are doing!

Karen Pflug

Thanks so much for assisting us when we arrived in Hong Kong. Violetta loves it at your school and actually counts the ‘sleeps’ in the holidays to come back to school! Thank you to you and the team for making her transition from Switzerland a lot easier and setting her up to enjoy her educational journey for years to come.

The Jackson Family

Over the last three and a half years you have enlightened, guided, respected, encouraged and entertained Riley, Alyce and Chloe. It is because of you, the teachers, that my children have left home every morning to go off to Pre-School and Prep for Primary with smiles on their faces. Under your guidance and instruction they have made wonderful friendships and have been prepared both emotionally and academically to leave Woodland and join the greater school community.


Stephen Martin

Just wanted to thank you for the event this morning. I can honestly say it was the best start to a week I've had all year! Instead of the usual rush out the door and into the office on a Monday morning, I got to spend some real quality time with Lughaidh and his little pals. A lot of fun - indeed, quite touching too to see how much the kids enjoyed having us in the classroom with them.

E-J and Peter Walker

When we arrived in Hong Kong 5 years ago, fresh out of the UK with a 22-month-old and number two on the way, we were looking for a fun and confidence-building playgroup. We knew from our first step into Woodland that Sebastien was going to love it there, so much so that he didn't want to leave! He stayed at the school from playgroup until the Bumble Bees class, and thoroughly enjoyed himself while learning and gaining the confidence and skills needed to be a happy child when he finally moved to primary school. Our second son Elliot has also worked his way through the school and is ready to be off to primary school next term. So now we find ourselves having to wait for number three to be old enough to join - Woodlands has become such a big part of our lives it feels very strange not to be going every day!

Ada Law

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely express our appreciation to Mr. Matt, Ms. Catherine, Ms. Leanna; as well as all other teachers at Woodland Sai Kung that have been teaching Kaydan in the past 2 years. All of them are great teachers and Kaydan has definitely earned a wonderful learning experience with a lot of fond memories to keep. Many thanks for the patience and assistance that you have granted to myself and Kaydan; and you are definitely one of the most loving Heads that I have met! :) Last but not least, we would like to wish you a happy teaching journey ahead!

Shelly Orth

Our party was absolutely wonderful! My daughter and every child there had a blast! The parents were raving about what an amazing amount of space the kiddies had to play and Irene was there to help us, she was so helpful and full of smiles! A very memorable birthday! Thanks again to Woodland schools!

Anna Quarrell and Christy Kilmartin

You and your school have been a huge help with providing a wonderful and nurturing education environment for Harry since his arrival in Hong Kong. The ideal learning environment has made him a very happy and confident boy in his transition to a new country. He has been very comfortable and happy with everything at Woodland Sai Kung and especially with his superb class teacher, Ms. Rabia. We thank you and your team very much for everything you have done to help us with this.

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